Jason Giambi: Chapter Two in an Oakland A's Uniform?

Sara SomersContributor IJanuary 6, 2009

There are many fans in Oakland who have never forgiven Jason Giambi for dissing Oakland on the Tonight Show with David Letterman.  Whenever Giambi came to the plate with the Yankees, loud “boos” could be heard throughout the house.

So what will they do when Jason returns in an Oakland A’s uniform in April, as all reports have him doing?  And will he wear 16, which he wore as an Athletic or 25, which he wore as a Yankee?  These are the deep thoughts rumbling through the minds of A’s fans who pay attention in the offseason.

There are people saying the contract is already written and signed and Billy Beane just has to make the announcement.

Jason Giambi turns 38 this Thursday.  He has been plagued by bad health, steroid problems, lack of a mustache, and reported unhappiness in New York. 

He came to the majors in 1995 with the A’s and won the AL MVP in 2000. In 2001, he changed his number, signed with the Yankees and made his Oakland statements on TV.

Giambi never played as well for the Yankees as he did for the A’s.   Billy Beane is trying to work the same magic that he worked when he brought Frank Thomas to the A’s in 2006.  In Oakland, Giambi could be a leader again, looked up to by the multitude of young players driving back and forth between the Rivercats in Sacramento and the A’s at the Oakland Coliseum. 

There is no doubt, Giambi can hit again and he will probably take turns with Jack Cust playing DH.  Giambi’s wife, Kristian, comes from the Bay Area and there are still a lot of people who love him living here.  Many of them are A’s fans.

I’m guessing that Billy Beane will offer him a one-year contract; rumors have it at $8 million with incentives for more money and more years.  With Tampa Bay out of the picture, no one else seems to be courting Giambi.  It would be a great move for him.

And this fan thinks it would be great for the A’s.  The A’s have no real leader.  Ellis and Chavez are both quiet types, who step up when needed.  Giambi was known for his fun ways and keeping the locker room loose.  His experience in New York, both good and bad, can only have made him wiser.

And Jason, lose the mustache and grow your hair again.  Welcome back.