We Join This Basketball Season Already in Progress

JeremySenior Writer IJanuary 6, 2009

I was having a debate if I was to cover any or very little of the Mountain West basketball, because this is a side hobby and last year at this time I was able to put forth some sort of preview for every game.

Plus, this football season has been the best in the leagues 10th season with three ranked teams and with Utah going to the BCS.  If I wanted to I probably could just write about football year round and from now till August do about three posts a week on whatever.

Decided that is not the case I will put a good effort to hoops and do what I meant to do a few months back when I said I would do a weekly preview and review of the league.

I will start posting my daily RPI since league play is upon us, sorry to those who emailed me about getting this up, but the site I used last year is no longer there so I will be using ESPN and Joe Lunardi’s RPI formula for that.

So here it is the first Daily RPI this will be a post every day and located under the tab on the top of this site or just click here.

SOSSOS%     1-2526-5051-100L12    
29Utah.61499-424.607     0-21-03-18-4    
37Brigham Young.601811-299.543     0-10-12-010-2    
52UNLV.581813-2185.493     0-11-03-110-2    
65San Diego State.56709-3127.520     0-10-10-19-3    
93New Mexico.54119-693.546     0-00-02-57-5    
131TCU.51438-5196.489     0-10-00-07-5    
137Wyoming.51239-4312.404     0-00-20-28-4    
161Colorado State.49715-938.589     0-00-20-33-9    
288Air Force.42077-5334.360     0-00-10-17-5