Montreal Canadiens: Top 10 Reasons Why They Are Unique

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst IJanuary 6, 2009

Here's a top 10 list as to why the Montreal Canadiens are different than the other teams in the NHL. Feel free to add your own in your comment.


10. No need for ice girls or cheerleaders to get the crowd going.

9. Only franchise in the NHL to be 100 years old.

8. They actually retire a player's number, not honor him.

7. Youppi! Became the first league-switching mascot in professional sports history. He was the mascot of the Montreal Expos until Montreal lost his baseball franchise.

6. Along with the Edmonton Oilers, they were the first teams to participate in the very first Winter Classic in 2003.

5. Jose Theodore wearing a toque at the Winter Classic is copied by other goaltenders.

4. One of two teams in the NHL where the coaching staff and GM are bilingual.

3. They have 21,273 fans cheering until the end, even if they're trailing by two goals.

2. A record of five Stanley Cups in a row between 1955-56 and 1959-60.

1. 24 Stanley Cups: a number that won't be broken by any other team in the NHL.