WWE: Just Why Has the Great Khali Returned, Anyway?

Michael Prunka@MichaelPrunkaCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2012

Credit: xanga.com
Credit: xanga.com

At this year's Royal Rumble, The Great Khali made his return as the 15th entrant in the match. After an uninspiring performance, Khali was eliminated by Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler. Since then, Khali has been a part of forgettable tag team matches and has a quick, decisive victory over former foe Jinder Mahal.

Furthermore, Khali, who replaced an injured Mark Henry at Elimination Chamber, failed to capture the World Heavyweight Championship. As a matter of fact, the "Punjabi Playboy" was the first eliminated in the match.

It's been about a month since his return and the question still lingers: Why exactly has The Great Khali returned?

In my opinion as a fan of professional wrestling, The Great Khali has no place in singles competition. In the ring, his limited mobility makes him a fumbling and clumsy giant.

Simply put, Khali is virtually unable to put on a compelling singles match. The fact that he is a former World Heavyweight Champion has baffled me for the past five years.

This past spring, it seemed the WWE had taken a step forward when it came to effectively booking Khali. The 7'0" behemoth found a niche in the tag team division, partnering with Jinder Mahal.

Any situation in which Khali's involvement in a match is limited is ideal. However, the WWE quickly took two steps backwards by dissolving their alliance about as quickly as it formed.

Yes, Khali has participated in sporadic tag team matches, and for that I am appreciative. He has also competed for the World Heavyweight Championship, though. The fact that he was included in the Elimination Chamber match leads me to believe that the WWE plans to use him primarily as a singles wrestler.

It's still unclear why Khali returned. In my opinion, the "Punjabi Giant" should form a tag team, perhaps with former partner Jinder Mahal, and set his sights on the WWE Tag Team Championships. As I mentioned earlier, any situation in which Khali's limited mobility is protected is ideal.

Khali's intimidating presence alone would be a perfect contribution to any heel tag team. Even with his ring time in tag matches limited, he can still dominate opponents with his unmatched power.

In essence, the impact of The Great Khali's return could be optimized by making him part of a team and having him contend for the championships. Perhaps he could even play a part in the revitalization of the WWE's tag team division.


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