Mark Cuban Speaks up About Chicago Cubs Deal

mark murrellCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

It’s been pretty hush, hush from the Cuban camp until this win the high-visible Mavericks owner added a new post to his blog, The Cubs…READ IT.

Reading this post brought me back to why I started the Cuban and the Cubs campaign in the first place, because I like the guy, and I have never even met him. He is a straight shooter, speaks his mind, and is an innovator; all things I admire in someone’s character. Of course there are some byproducts that would come my way because of this campaign, but for the most part, I really wanted Mark in Chicago; they seem like a great fit, and this town could use a guy like him.

Perhaps it is in the cards, perhaps not, regardless, the ensuing deal is still up in the air.