B/R Exclusive: Krzysztof Soszynski on Possible Retirement, TUF and Bisping

Gary HermanCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2012

The Polish Experiment is not done yet.

Following Krzysztof Soszynski’s knockout loss to Igor Pokrajac, a still-dazed Soszynski said that he would be leaving MMA.

Days later, Soszynski repented on those comments and even went as far as to say he does not remember making those comments. Soszynski cleared up where the comments would have come from.

“It’s kind of funny,” Soszynski said to Bleacher Report's Gary Herman, when asked if he would be leaving the UFC, “everybody is talking about the fact that I got knocked out and that’s why I said something about retirement.

“That’s got nothing to do with it. It’s MMA. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I’m fine with that. It’s my injuries.”

Soszynski has been fighting professionally for the past nine years. Before that, he had the added injuries that result from time as a professional wrestler.

“When you can’t train even close to 50-percent capacity, it’s pretty hard to get ready for a fight,” Soszynski said. “It’s something I’ve been dealing with for about two years now. That’s the problem.”

Soszynski determined that he could not go on in the sport dealing with the lingering injuries.

“We’re going to see a doctor this month,” Soszynski said, “and hopefully, you’ll see me back in the cage real soon.”


As for what is his biggest problem, Soszynski comically said, “I have three bad knees. Really, really bad knees.”

When Soszynski was fully healthy, he competed across Canada as a pro wrestler. After he decided to make the transition to mixed martial arts, he enlisted in the help of the late former pro wrestler Bad News Allen (also known as Bad News Brown).

Allen never took part in mixed martial arts for one reason—it was not very popular. Soszynski is certain the former judo star would have been dominant.

“I think he would have been ruthless,” Soszynski said. “The last time I spoke with him, he said, ‘If MMA was around when I was around, I would have been the champ.'”

Soszynski is also impressed by another pro wrestler’s transition to MMA.

Brock Lesnar was always an athlete from a very young age,” Soszynski said about the recently retired former UFC champ.

“I think it was a little easier for him. I think somebody who starts off in wrestling as a youngster has a better chance transitioning to martial arts than somebody like myself, who started at age 25.”

Even though Soszynski started his professional career in his mid-20s, he has had a very good career. With wins over Brian Stann, Stephan Bonnar and Goran Reljic, Soszynski has certainly accomplished a lot in the sport.

However, if he needs any inspiration to continue, he does not have to look further than his current training partner.


“I was right there when Dan Henderson knocked Bisping out,” Soszynski said about Henderson’s victory.

While on The Ultimate Fighter season 8, Soszynski verbally sparred with Henderson’s opponent at UFC 100, Michael Bisping.

“That was one of the best moments of my MMA career,” Soszynski said of Henderson’s vicious one-punch knockout over Bisping.

“It’s amazing to watch a 41-year-old man can still compete with the best fighters in the world—knock them out, destroy them. His fight with shogun Rua was absolutely amazing.”

At age 34, Soszynski is seven years younger than Henderson. Therefore, he maintains his goal of getting back in the Octagon. Even though Soszynski would still like the chance to fight Bisping, he will not be selective of his opponent.

“It doesn’t matter,” Soszynski said, when asked who he wants to face. “Just the fact that I get another chance to fight will be an amazing experience itself.”

Unless otherwise noted, all quotes were garnered first-hand.