Keegan "Pa-Tooie" Bradley: Is He the New King of Slow Play?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IFebruary 21, 2012

Keegan Bradley stares at some spit on the ground.
Keegan Bradley stares at some spit on the ground.Harry How/Getty Images

Pardon me while I spit in the nearest trash can, getting jittery here with this.

Don't know about you, but did anyone notice that it took the final group at Riviera last Sunday five hours and 15 minutes to finish 18 holes?

Had to rub my eyes on that one. Five hours, 15 minutes.

Check with your nearest PGA Tour official and they'll tell you that they prefer their players hit their shot within 30 seconds when it is their turn to play.

Flash back to young Keegan Bradley.

Anyone notice that Keegan was looking like the second coming of the "old" Sergio Garcia. It's a painful memory to think about Sergio re-gripping about 30 times before he pulled the trigger. He broke himself of that, has learned to putt better and is experiencing a nice resurgence in his game.

Bradley on Sunday was simply awful.

He's apparently fallen into some strange trance where he's staring at his shots, ,starts spitting like mad, then starts thumping the ground with his club numerous times and, if that's not bad enough, he's contracted the Jim Furyk disease and is backing off shots multiple times. With due respect to Furyk, he only backs off of his putts.

Thing is, he wasn't doing any of this stuff last year if you flash back, say, to the PGA Championship. 

On Sunday, Bradley was backing off fairway shots. A baseball umpire would have called "balk" on him who knows how many times.

Yeah, Bradley's spitting enough to earn a spot on someone's farm team in the major leagues.

But that's only a part of his "irritation" portfolio.

Sad part is, he admitted he doesn't even know he's spitting like a kid who just swallowed a spoonful of Castor Oil.

Maybe all these shenanigans can work to his advantage in match play.

This isn't the first "spit-gate" on the PGA Tour—basically, Tiger Woods caught some ire for blowing something the size of a frog on a green over in the Middle East a while back.

Not Keegan. He's machine-gun spitting and it gets to the point where he basically runs out of spit.

In case you're checking, he goes up against Geoff Ogilvy in the first round of the match play. That's Geoff Ogilvy, Aussie, former Open champ, non-spitter.