My Five Concerns for the Oklahoma Sooners in The BCS National Championship

Roberto BobertContributor IJanuary 6, 2009

Like everyone else in Sooner Nation I am worried about tomorrow's game. From the other Big 12 games I have watched this Bowl season, my opinion is every defensive coach outside the Big 12 thinks the way to stop Big 12 offenses is the Blitz.  I expect Florida to throw the house at the Sooner line every down until we burn them a couple of times.

My top five concerns:

  1. Phil Loadholt. Last year Phil could not stop the speed rush thrown at him.  Will he be able to keep his feet under him and stop the end rush this year?
  2. Middle Linebacker. Is Auston Box ready? Is he even the best player at that position?  He always seemed a step out of position to me.  Arriving to the ball after the runner was down or over running the play.  Should Balogun be the starter and allowed to put a few hits on Tebow...if he can catch him?  Or does Lewis get the nod at MLB?  Let Harris play outside LB and Carter at safety?
  3. Mosis Madu.  Will he be able to step in and take up the slack for Murray?  Can he catch the quick screen and disappear like Murray?  
  4. Kickoffs.  Uh, could we just kick it out of bounds? 
  5. Field goals.  Can Jimmy Stevens hit a clutch field goal?  He's missed 4 XP.  Sure his leg might have gotten tired from all the attempts, but an XP?  8 of 11 on FG's?  A long of 42 yards.  And Moreland is 0 of 1 from 40 - 49 yards. 

Somebody alleviate my concerns.  Tell me I'm just a pessimist.  In the famous words of Billy Sims "BOOMER!"