Unless You Are One Of The Big Four You Don't Stand a Chance

Brian RhodesSenior Analyst IJanuary 6, 2009

I am a recent viewer of the Bleacher Report and and a little disappointed after a promising start.

When I initially started reading on the site I thought that is was good outlet with open source for writing articles and reading about all things not just football but sports in general. Unfortunately as with all things you should never judge a book by it's cover. After writing a couple of articles I noticed that try as I might I could never see my articles on the top headlines section.

I would always have to go to more EPL or More World Football link to see anything about my favourite team. At first I figured it was just that my articles weren't that good. I later discovered that the articles that show up in the main headlines are chosen on a most popular basis.

This I feel it is a shame for sports fans that come into the site as viewers only that are interested in all things football or of any sport for that matter. If you are new to the sport and from another country than England and you have no allegiance to a team you would think with the odd exception that there were only Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal in England and some people writing about a few weird other teams like Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspurs and Hull City (as if).

Maybe the system should be changed so that there is a section at the side that displays newly published articles.