WWE Divas: Seriously, Where Is Kharma?

Derek McKinleyCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2012

It's been made abundantly clear in the past few weeks how little the WWE cares for its female talent. Most of them are glorified models, woefully under-prepared to put on a decent match, and the ones who actually have talent are forced into three-minute squashes or embarrassing toilet humor angles.

Amidst all the chaos and disarray, the fans have been led to believe that eventually Kharma will return from her pregnancy and wreak havoc on the division, perhaps restoring a modicum of credibility to a once tolerable aspect of sports entertainment.

But after her surprise entrance in the Royal Rumble three weeks ago, we've been left to wonder: Where is she? Four Raws and three Smackdowns later, she is still conspicuously absent from WWE programming.

I understand that she just gave birth at the end of December, but if she was well enough to show up at the Royal Rumble match and be physical for a short period a month afterward, I imagine she should be ready from a physical standpoint almost two months after delivering.

In every Divas match over the course of those three weeks, I've expected her to come out and take her place as the savior of the Divas division, and be a legitimate challenger for Beth Phoenix and a refreshing departure from the god-awful female performers we're usually subjected to.

It didn't happen.

I was OK with that, because I figured they were just holding her back until after Elimination Chamber.

I almost expected her to show up at Elimination Chamber during the match between Beth Phoenix and Tamina Snuka to build a feud either with Phoenix or with both women for a compelling Divas Title match at Wrestlemania.

It didn't happen.

That's OK, I reasoned. It'll happen on RAW.

I fully expected her to show up in the middle of tonight's compulsory Divas match and clean house, serving notice to the WWE that she was back and ready to take what is hers.

It didn't happen.

Now I'm concerned.


When is it going to happen? After putting herself on our radar by appearing in the Rumble match, will it still be a surprise? There's never been more anticipation for a Diva's debut, and for some reason we're still not getting it. There's a difference between building suspense and wasting time.

With the way WWE's been going, I half expect them to announce her return a week in advance and suck the surprise out of it like they do with every other appearance.

If Kharma wants to challenge Beth Phoenix for the title at WrestleMania, which many in the IWC admit is the necessary course of action for the Divas division, it needs to start happening yesterday.

With a weekly allotment of, what, about 5-10 minutes if they're lucky, the Divas division can't afford to wait. She needs to debut now, start terrorizing the entire division and put fear into Beth Phoenix's heart the likes of which she's never known.

The clock is ticking.

Until then, we're stuck with Aksana and Kelly Kelly vs. The Bella Twins. We're stuck with Natalya cutting the cheese backstage and blaming it on someone else. And the Divas division... well, that's just stuck.