Monday Night Raw Results 2/20/2012: the Top 4 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIFebruary 21, 2012

Monday Night Raw Results 2/20/2012: the Top 4 Questions Going Forward

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    Teddy Long stole the show. Just saying.

    Tonight, we witnessed Hoskis, lite-brites and Twin Magic.

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the "Top Questions Going Forward."

    These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have it?

Will Triple H End The Undertaker's Streak?

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    All of the uncertainty is over; the Undertaker will indeed take on Triple H at WrestleMania. This year the streak will be on the line when the two men meet in a Hell in a Cell match.

    Does this news excite you?

    I feel like most fans knew in their heart that eventually Triple H was going to break down and accept the Undertaker’s challenge. The addition of the Hell in a Cell environment certainly does excite me, but the outcome of the match seems like it will be bittersweet.

    If the Undertaker, wins then the streak will remain intact. However, If the Undertaker leaves for another year after the win then I would consider the streak hollow.

    I do not want to see an ancient superstar, no matter how legendary he is, only wrestle once a year going forward. That comes across as cheap and the Undertaker is better than that. His legacy is more than a streak.

    If Triple H wins, then the streak is over and the Undertaker will most likely retire. One day, the Undertaker is going to leave and that will be a sad day for fans of the WWE. There has never been a more consistent presence in the history of wrestling than the Undertaker.

    Although the match is going to be exciting, I have very mixed emotions on the outcome, regardless of who wins.

    Is this the year that the Undertaker finally loses at WrestleMania?

Will R-Truth and Kofi Kingston Form a Tag Team?

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    “Jimmy in Paradise” or “Boom Truth?”

    Tonight, R-Truth teamed up with Kofi Kingston and defeated the current Tag Team Champions, Epico and Primo. I am not entirely sure what the purpose of this match was, but we can now begin speculating.

    Will R-Truth and Kofi Kingston form a tag team?

    We all know that the WWE’s Tag Team division has been pitiful for months. The WWE seemed to be putting all of their hope into “Air Boom” which was the team of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. Unfortunately Bourne has been suspended multiple times and the team was forced to break up.

    Perhaps the WWE believes they can renew some of that hope by pairing Kingston with R-Truth. Honestly, it can’t hurt, since both of them are not moving up the card any time soon.

    Why not utilize the two in a capacity where they could actually help make the Tag Team division more credible? It will take MUCH more than Kingston and Truth to completely revive the division, but it is a decent start.

    Would you like to see Kofi Kingston and R-Truth team up?

Will Chris Jericho and CM Punk Deliver?

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    This is the point where all of Chris Jericho’s fans can now brag that Jericho is finally going to do whatever he is supposed to do.

    It took nearly two months of waiting for Jericho to do SOMETHING, but he finally has his match. After failing to win the Royal Rumble and being “unable to compete” at the Elimination Chamber, Jericho has found a way into WrestleMania.

    The feud with CM Punk is now on. 

    So Jericho and Punk are set to duke it out, but now I wonder what the readers want out of this match. Are most fans supporting Jericho or CM Punk?

    Two months ago Chris Jericho was all we wrote about on Bleacher Report. However after a confusing return and multiple losses, Jericho began to fade from the Internet spotlight.

    The WWE Creative team handled Jericho’s return poorly, and I believe that is why his current push does not feel as important as it should.

    Jericho and Punk are very capable of putting on an exciting rivalry, but I have no faith in the writers. The other problem is that the next six weeks are going to be dominated by John Cena and the Rock.

    Everyone wants to see Chris Jericho and CM Punk fight at WrestleMania, but will they be allowed to have the exciting feud we all know they are capable of?

Does the WWE Believe We Are so Simple-Minded?

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    With only a month and a half until WrestleMania, the WWE will be promoting the John Cena-Rock match every five seconds. It did not surprise me to see Cena come out twice tonight, but his behavior did.

    So in an effort to gravitate older fans towards John Cena, the WWE has decided to let him say a few bad words on TV. Not only that, but Cena is creating a political-style fear campaign by undermining the Rock and making up idiotic lies.

    Are we that stupid? Does the WWE think we cannot see through all of this?

    This is nothing more than damage control and a public relations advertisement campaign. The WWE is doing everything in their power to ensure that John Cena does not completely get booed out of Miami in a few weeks.

    Why is the WWE even having this match? Has anyone stopped to wonder that? If the WWE is so hell-bent on making Cena look credible against the Rock, then why even have the match in the first place?

    I just cannot understand what the WWE is looking to accomplish with this match. It does not matter who wins because a large portion of the WWE Universe is not going to be happy regardless of the outcome.

    If John Cena wins, does that mean his legacy becomes greater than the Rock’s? No. When the Rock defeated Hulk Hogan, I did not proclaim the Rock as the greatest of all time. These super matches just pit fans of different generations against one another, and no one really comes out the winner.

    I just do not like being insulted by the WWE Creative Team. Cena has done great things for the company, but a few weeks of him saying curse words and talking with an emphasized accent are not going to make up for years of being stale and repetitive.

    If Cena defeats the Rock, he will turn right back into “Boy Scout John” the next day. This is not me trashing Cena, it is just the truth.

    Who do you think is going to win at WrestleMania?

    I want to see those predictions down below and any other questions or comments you came up with after Raw. Also remember to follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac. My latest tweet is me crying about Wade Barrett’s injury.

    Keep it classic, everyone!