Official Bleacher Report WWE Power Rankings for the Week of Feb. 13th

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IFebruary 21, 2012

Official Bleacher Report WWE Power Rankings for the Week of Feb. 13th

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    With the aid of the wrestling community here on Bleacher Report voting throughout the weekend, we have this week’s edition of Bleacher Report's WWE Power Rankings that will be a staple of the WWE section on Monday afternoons in the coming months.

    How will the rankings look this week with the big wins by WWE Champion CM Punk and World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan in addition to John Cena in his Ambulance match?

    Be sure to come back to Bleacher Report this and every Friday to vote for whom you think should be a part of the weekly power rankings for the WWE section.

No. 20: The Great Khali

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    Last Week: No. 15

    To the delight of a vast majority of fans here in the WWE section of Bleacher Report, the Great Khali was the prey of a very quick elimination Sunday night during Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber match as the Big Show hit the Punjabi giant with a spear to send back to the locker room.

No. 19: John Laurinaitis

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    Last Week: Unranked

    With the aid of former champions Mark Henry, Christian and Alberto Del Rio Sunday night, the interim Raw GM, John Laurinaitis, made a claim that he should replace his counterpart on Smackdown, Teddy Long, for doing a poor job on the blue brand.

    All I have to say is that we don’t need a double shot of Johnny Ace during a week on Mondays and Fridays during a week.

No. 18: Beth Phoenix

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    Last Week: Unranked

    In her Diva’s Championship match last night against Tamina Snuka at Elimination Chamber, Beth Phoenix looked very impressive in the most competitive title defense in some time and actually a good match to watch unlike the squash matches against Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox.

No. 17: Santino Marella

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    Last Week: Unranked

    Even though a lot of people predicted some other person to replace the former Intercontinental Champion, Santino had the entire crowd on his side during Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber until he was forced to submit to Daniel Bryan’s LeBell Lock.

No. 16: Kane

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    Last Week: No. 14

    Now that the feud with John Cena ended with him in the back of an ambulance Sunday night, what does Kane do now without a major rivalry? Do we see the Kane, Zack Ryder and Eve storyline continue all the way to WrestleMania for a match between the two superstars?

No. 15: Primo and Epico

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    Last Week: No. 19

    With their win Friday night over the Usos on Smackdown, Primo and Epico have not really found a solid team to challenge the new champions since they took the tag team titles off Air Boom last month.

No. 14: Jack Swagger

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    Last Week: No. 17

    With one of the worst reigns in the history of the United States Championship, Jack Swagger retained his title last night against Justin Gabriel in a last-minute match made by Smackdown GM Teddy Long during the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

    Please WWE, can we have a better U.S. Champion sometime soon? Kofi Kingston? Zack Ryder? Brodus Clay?

No. 13: R-Truth

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    Last Week: No. 10

    Like his previous two trips into the Elimination Chamber, R-Truth again was the first superstar eliminated from the match last night as eventual winner CM Punk sent him back to the locker room after a top rope elbow drop.

No. 12: John Cena

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    Last Week: No. 13

    With his win Sunday night over Kane in their Ambulance match, John Cena has no more obstacles in his way to overcome between himself and his epic showdown with The Rock on April 1st at WrestleMania 28 in the Great One’s backyard of Miami.

No. 11: Dolph Ziggler

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    Last Week: No. 8

    Among the twelve participants in both Raw and Smackdown Elimination Chamber matches, it seemed as Dolph Ziggler got the most punishment Sunday night as he was tossed over the top rope onto the steel grates parallel to the ring on multiple occasions in his loss in the WWE Championship match.

No. 10: The Big Show

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    Last Week: No. 6

    Even after an impressive showing in Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber, the Big Show was unable to capture the World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber as he was eliminated by Wade Barrett during the match Sunday night.

No. 9: The Miz

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    Last Week: No. 12

    Following the elimination of Chris Jericho from Raw’s Elimination Chamber match, the Miz had a chance to reclaim the WWE Championship and main event the upcoming WrestleMania in Miami but was stopped with a GTS by winner CM Punk.

No. 8: Kofi Kingston

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    Last Week: No. 9

    In his loss in Raw’s Elimination Chamber match last night, Kofi Kingston might not want to be a part of a future edition of the most dangerous match in the WWE. The former Intercontinental Champion busted his head open needing stitches after hitting the steel grate outside the ring.

No. 7: Wade Barrett

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    Last Week: No. 11

    With his second trip into the Elimination Chamber Sunday night, the leader of the Barrett Barrage, Wade Barrett, was able to vastly improve from his first appearance in the Chamber but was eliminated by the sentimental favorite last night, Santino Marella.

No. 6: Cody Rhodes

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    Last Week: No. 7

    In his first appearance in the dangerous Elimination Chamber Sunday night, Cody Rhodes had a solid match as he eliminated the Big Show with the aid of a top rope elbow drop by Wade Barrett but couldn’t become a dual champion as he proclaimed before the show.

No. 5: Randy Orton

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    Last Week: No. 5

    After suffering a concussion from a shot to the back of the head by Daniel Bryan on Raw, Randy Orton found himself sitting on the sidelines Sunday night at the Elimination Chamber as Santino Marella took his spot in the World Heavyweight Championship match.

No. 4: Sheamus

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    Last Week: No. 1

    Even though losing by disqualification last week on Smackdown, Sheamus will get his revenge on Daniel Bryan as the Great White has all but said that he will be challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship April 1st at WrestleMania 28.

No. 3: Chris Jericho

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    Last Week: No. 3

    While having an edge in last night’s Elimination Chamber match, Chris Jericho found himself outside of the menacing structure knocked out as his rival, CM Punk, went on to defeat the Miz to retain his WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber.

No. 2: CM Punk

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    Last Week: No. 3

    After eliminating three superstars from the Raw Elimination Chamber match Sunday night, the WWE Champion, CM Punk, has punched his ticket for WrestleMania in Miami but who will challenge the straight-edge title holder this April?

No. 1: Daniel Bryan

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    Last Week: No. 4

    Daniel Bryan survived his biggest test as champion last night in Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber match as the World Heavyweight Champion bested his Friday night competitors Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, the Great Khali, Big Show and Santino Marella.

    While the test of making through the Elimination Chamber match is complete, Bryan’s next test will be just as difficult with Sheamus making his intentions clear last night that he will challenging for the World Heavyweight title at WrestleMania.

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