Three Strikes, You're Out: Keep Ohio State, Big Ten Out of the BCS

The Dead Guy SECAnalyst IJanuary 6, 2009

Can we have some sort of moratorium imposed on Ohio State when it comes to BCS bowls? For three straight years, we've had to suffer through the Buckeyes slogging through one of the biggest games of the season, and for three straight years, we've watched them fail.

While I typically enjoy watching the Sweater Vest lose big game after big game, it's actually starting to get a little tiresome.

While some will argue that it's impressive the Buckeyes have made three straight BCS games, I propose that it's an indictment of the (lack of) quality of football in the Big Ten. As you watched that game last night, did you honestly say to yourself, "Wow, I'm watching one of the best football teams in America right now"? Or did you think, "How bad is the Big Ten that this team won 10 games?

The Big Ten went a pathetic 1-6 in bowl games this year. Their lone win was Iowa's thumping of South Carolina, a reeling team that hasn't beaten a team with a winning record since early October. The six losses included blowouts and heartbreakers, but all six ended up losses.

I recognize that the Big Ten has some history and tradition, particularly when it comes to being a sacrificial lamb for the Pac-10 in the Rose Bowl, but right now, that's all it has. It's a subpar conference that's won just one BCS game in the last five years.