Cruz vs. Faber or Jones vs. Evans: Which Trash Talk Will Be Better?

Kyle SymesCorrespondent IIIFebruary 20, 2012

Cruz vs. Faber or Jones vs. Evans: Which Trash Talk Will Be Better?

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    A pair of title matches that lay on the horizon have a number of MMA fans foaming at the mouth in anticipation. Dominick Cruz defends his bantamweight title against his rival Urijah Faber and Jon Jones finally gets a chance to settle the score with former teammate Rashad Evans.

    The two matchups have the promise of providing the MMA blogosphere with a handful of quotes that would qualify as bulletin-board material. Each bout has its own storyline that grasps out interest but which is better?

    Two former teammates settling some bad blood on national television? Or the two biggest faces of a division going to war again to see who truly is the better man?

Fan Interest

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    Although Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber are the two biggest names in the bantamweight division, it seems the UFC fanbase still hasn't jumped on the bantamweight bandwagon.

    Despite the fact that Cruz and Faber will likely put forth twice as much action as Jon Jones and Rashad Evans, there's no doubt as to where the fan interest lies.

    The light heavyweight division has long been the premier division inside the UFC and this bout has the potential to be the most hyped fight at 205 pounds since Evans faced off against "Rampage" Jackson.

    It should be Cruz-Faber but with Jones-mania in full effect, all eyes will be glued to the main event at UFC 145.


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    Jon Jones and Rashad Evans will get all the fans attention, but the bout between Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber will have the undivided attention of UFC matchmaker, Joe Silva.

    If Cruz emerges victorious, the list of challengers shrinks to a small list while if Faber wins, the door is wide open for a number of potential title challengers. Silva will have his work cut out for him if Cruz retains the belt because the only viable challenger that Cruz hasn't already beaten is Renan Barao.

    Whoever emerges victorious from the Evans-Jones bout will likely have a few challengers waiting to step up. "Rampage" Jackson may want another crack at Evans if  he gets past Ryan Bader and Lyoto Machida has been very vocal about wanting a rematch against Jones.

    It's not very often we say a fight controls how an entire division plays out but that's the case with Cruz vs. Faber.

Bad Blood Factor

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    Let's get this straight, none of these four men will be taking their opponents out for Sunday tea following their epic showdowns. With that being said, it's clear only one of these rivalries can be truly classified as having "bad blood."

    Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber will be facing off for the third time in their careers. Although each man is confident they will emerge victorious, the trash talking between the two has been pretty professional as far as MMA standards go. Sure Faber took a couple cracks at Cruz's laugh, but before and after the fights, both men have respect for one another.

    Respect is a word that's been absent in Jon Jones and Rashad Evans' rivalry for a long time. The two former training partners know one another very well and their insults are likely to get very personal at times. Evans wasn't shy about making a Sandusky reference when he fought Phil Davis, where will Evans take the trash talk against someone he legitimately dislikes?

    I'm not sure how deep in the mud both men will be going but I know I'm excited for it.


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    Jon Jones and Rashad Evans' rivalry will get the full attention of the media as their storied past will be the main focus of UFC 145. Fight fans will have nearly two months to watch the back and forth talk between the two men.

    There's only one problem; it will all be through Internet media.

    With Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz set to be opposing coaches on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, fans will have a couple weeks of national television to watch them trade verbal jabs with each other.

    Other than what we see on television, we are likely to get at least one or two stories about the two men that will light up the MMA websites. Jones and Evans may have more to say, but Cruz and Faber will have better outlets to put their two cents in.

Final Verdict

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    If this were a discussion about which fight would end up being better, I would give the nod to the Dominick Cruz-Urijah Faber contest.

    But it's about which fight will feature the better trash talk and there's no question that lies within the Jon Jones-Rashad Evans bout.

    With all the history between these two coupled with the fact that now Greg Jackson has officially inserted himself in the rivalry by cornering Jones, and you have all the makings of a MMA soap opera.

    Evans and Jones won't shy away from breaking the other down and that's precisely why this fight will have the better trash talk. Cruz and Faber will keep it clean while Evans and Jones will get down and dirty with their verbal sparring sessions.