WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: 12 Reasons This Was a Great Pay-Per-View

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIFebruary 21, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: 12 Reasons This Was a Great Pay-Per-View

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    I am still stunned at what I saw on Sunday night. A great pay-per-view was had by all and had me and the WWE Universe licking its chops at the idea that WrestleMania 28 was only 42 days away.

    And for many of us, we shared a thought with the great Jim Ross, that business in the WWE was about to pick up.

    These are the things to be excited about when it comes to professional wrestling. Heck, we even saw a great women's match that made us think the division was coming back to the fold.

    It's a great time to like the WWE.

    Also remember, I was not one who was sold on this event, almost praying to the wrestling gods that it be stricken from the record. But for me, it actually was good and in some sequences downright great.

    Here are some reasons why this was a truly great PPV.

CM Punk Showed He Is Still the Best in the World

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    It was a little odd seeing the exchange with Chris Jericho when he crashed through the cage, but CM Punk still proved he is the best at what he does.

    No one in this business sells like Punk, and he helped put Kofi Kingston over when the two of them met in the opening stanza of the Chamber Match.

    What does make me a bit concerned is the constant appearance that Punk's arms and shoulders are constantly injured, which makes him easier prey for Chris Jericho in the match at WrestleMania 28.

John Cena Sold It Like No Other

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    John Cena delivered.

    I knew this would be a "good" match, but it turned into a GREAT match.

    Gimmicks like these are usually stale and boring and get lost along the way. Both men brought it like they were new guns in the wrestling business and proved they are just as good now as they were five years ago.

    Cena won over the crowd with his aggression. And Kane sold for the younger superstar.

    He did not just rise above the hate, he rose above the boos.

Santino Marella Finally Has Become a True Wrestler

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    When Santino Marella won the battle royal to get into the Smackdown Chamber Match, I was worried. When I saw the vignettes of him as a "Rocky" character, I was worried.

    Now, I am not so worried.

    Take away the awful "cobra" angle (no, he is not Mankind) and concentrate on him being a brawler and wrestler, much like a Finlay, and you have a guy who could be a very good face in the company.

    We take for granted the smaller brutes in the business. Marella could be a welcome change to the stereotypical "face."

Daniel Bryan Has Turned into the Company's Greatest Heel

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    He is ever the opportunist and he is winning over fans as a great heel.

    And tonight, he faces CM Punk again.

    Bryan is everything Mark Henry wasn't but even better.

    And the"bulldog" of a wrestler is making fans believe he is the baddest man in the WWE.

    If he continues to build like this, a feud with a Christian or an Alberto Del Rio would be pretty awesome.

We Saw Christian Is Coming Back

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    He looked like he was a wrestler again.

    And again, he was whining, which suits his character.

    Christian needs to be a part of the show. Now that Wade Barrett appears to be on the shelf, his involvement is needed even more so.

    He is too talented to sit in the middle of the pack.

Beth Phoenix and Tamina Delivered

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    The anticipated match between the "Glamazon" and Jimmy Snuka's daughter delivered on so many levels.

    But what it did not do is put the strap on Tamina's waist.

    Does this become another feud in the Divas Division? We hope so. But it needs to continue to deliver. What the match did do is keep Kharma in the background. The fans like the potential this feud has and what it can do for the brands.

    It also means we could see more of her father in the future.

    A little "Superfly" is good for the soul.

Cody Rhodes Stepped Up His Game

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    Rhodes may have been the best wrestler in the PPV  that did not win.

    It is only a matter of time before Rhodes challenges for the world title (maybe against Sheamus after WrestleMania 28).

    The best part of Rhodes' game is he appears to be fearless, whether it was challenging Big Show, trading blows with Wade Barrett, or attacking Daniel Bryan.

    Rhodes is certainly the future of this company.

Sheamus Made His Decision

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    Once Daniel Bryan won the Chamber match, we knew this was coming.

    Sheamus and Bryan are written in stone.

    While this does not look like a good match to me, it should exceed my expectations.

    Where Sheamus had no problem kicking someone like Jack Swagger and Christian around a ring, he will have to be weary of Bryan and his multiple moves and holds.

Chris Jericho Proved He Still Has It

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    He looked good in his return to the ring for the second time in the PPV. The "injury" was strange, but it worked well.

    Can he deliver when he gets in the ring with CM Punk at WrestleMania 28?

    While there is still a lot of his old game, he does look a bit slower and appears to have lost a step.

    He will need to bring all his "gimmicks" to face Punk.

Wade Barrett Is a Stud

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    He is currently injured after Monday night, but Barrett brought his "A" game to the PPV.

    Now we have to wait to see how long he will be out of action.

    Barrett looked every bit the brawler in the match. And he was friend and foe with Cody Rhodes, which in time could be a great rivalry.

    When he gets back into action, he needs a title run.

The Miz Sold It Pretty Good Too!

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    Can this guy get a break.

    He was a headliner at WrestleMania 27 last year, and it looks like he won't be a part of the party this year.

    The Miz is too good to sit in mid-card purgatory. Maybe another spin of his character would help.

    Maybe a reunion with R-Truth would help as well.

It Was Great Conceptually from Start to Finish

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    This PPV was strong conceptually from start to finish.

    There were very few flaws (maybe Jack Swagger and Justin Gabriel) and kept us wanting more.

    That is a good thing. There is no one to blame for cable buys this time.

    And the road to WrestleMania 28 is paved with a lot of promise.