NCAA's Top 10 Buzzer Beaters

Greg Maiola@Gom1094Senior Analyst IIFebruary 21, 2012

NCAA's Top 10 Buzzer Beaters

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    In all of sports, what is more exciting than a buzzer beating shot to win the game? Only a shot from extreme distance. The college kids that make up the NCAA play their hearts out every game. Every once and a while, a breath taking game is ended with the shot of all shots. The joy of college basketball is contagious, and the madness is right around the corner.

    This video slideshow will provide you with the top 10 buzzer beating shots in descending order. While you may already know the outcome, sit back and enjoy the magical journey that the ball takes until it swishes into history.

    Here are the NCAA's top 10 buzzer beaters from half court.

No. 10 Butler

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    Without Matt Howard's heroics, there would not have been another magical Butler run. He was in the right place at the right time and was able to capitalize. Howard was able to release the ball from his hands before the game's buzzer sounded. If Howard missed, Butler's season is over. Plays like this are what makes NCAA basketball so enjoyable.

No. 9 Florida

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    Chandler Parsons made magic happen with his incredible game winning shot for the Gators. Florida fans were rejoicing and left N.C. State fans stunned. With a few seconds left to dribble and shoot, Parsons sank the shot of his life.

    After all, this shot from Parsons was once in a lifetime, right? Well not even a month later, Parsons had another game winning buzzer beater against South Carolina.

No. 8 Cleveland State

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    Cleveland State's Cedric Jackson hit a stunning shot from his own side of the court upset the Syracuse Orange in 2008. The Orange were ranked 11th nationally, and were expecting to play in overtime after tying the game up late.

    Jackson's miracle shot certainly shocked the nation, and what made it so special was that a small school upended one of the NCAA's best.

No. 7 Indiana

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    If a team is going to knock off the No. 1 team in the nation, at least do it in style. Christian Watford ensured that Kentucky was going to lose a heart-breaker. Indiana proved that they were back to respectability and knocked off the Wildcats in 2011. Tell me, how much more exciting does it get?

No. 6 Harvard

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    In case any of you don't know, some guy named Jeremy Lin played basketball at Harvard. This half-court shot at the end of regulation beat William & Mary, and earned Lin his first of many ESPN appearances. He was able to hit the shot while falling backwards and got the student body excited about basketball. While the game was not between two big time schools, it was quite impressive nonetheless.

No. 5 Georgia Tech

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    James Forrest sure picked a good time to connect on his only three-point shot of the year. Georgia Tech stunned USC in the second round of the 1992 tournament and showed how exciting college basketball can be. The kids on both teams played their hearts out and the game came down to the wire. The ball left Forrest's hands and got nothing but net. What a game, what a finish.

No. 4 UConn

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    Richard Hamilton's buzzer beating shot advanced UConn in the NCAA tournament and sent Washington packing. How was he able to get the ball out of chaos and hit it as he was falling backwards? Unbelievable. Another prime example of how exciting college basketball is, especially the big dance.

No. 3 Duke

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    Christian Laettner sank the shot. He advanced Duke past Kentucky in an epic battle in the 1992 tournament. The thing about buzzer beaters is that once the shot goes in, the other team is out of chances. With Laettner's shot leading Duke to a one-point victory, the Blue Devils never slowed down and won the national championship that season. Ah, the goodness that the madness brings.

No. 2 N.C. State

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    It doesn't get any more clutch than this for Lorenzo Charles. It's the NCAA National Championship game and the underdogs need a basket to win. Charles was able to grab a desperate shot from his teammate and put up a shot to propel N.C. State to the title. He won the national crown with no time left and that moment will live on in history forever.

No. 1 Valparaiso

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    Bryce Drew shot his way into NCAA history in 1998. How did the underdog do it? It was amazing that Valparaiso gave Ole Miss the fight that they did. What is more amazing is that they were able to complete a long court pass with 2.5 seconds left in the NCAA tournament and hit a three pointer to win by one. There was something magical about that game, and something magical about it happening in the NCAA tournament.

Honorable Mention

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    While these young men also hit great shots at the end of the game, there was no room on my list. Honorable mention goes to:

    1. Chandler Parsons (vs South Carolina this time)

    2. Keith Smart (sorry, there was still a little bit of time left on the clock)

    3. Tyus Edney (still 4.8 seconds left in the game)

    4. Danny Ainge (horrible defense by Notre Dame and time was still on the clock)

    5. PJ Tucker (could not find a video)