WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: The Divas Are Better, but Still Need Kharma

David LevinSenior Writer IIFebruary 20, 2012

I think we are finally seeing the evolution of the WWE's Divas Division. The match between Tamina and Beth Phoenix proved that while the "Glamazon" won in a still-impressive style, the daughter of the great Jimmy Snuka is making a name for herself in the ranks of the women's title picture.

But what we saw last night was not as great as it may have seemed or as bad as it may have looked. Call it a middle ground that was reached, and because of the talent around both these stars, there needs to be more of a build with other talented female wrestlers.

But give the WWE credit, because we did not see Eve, Kelly Kelly or even Alicia Fox jump into the scene and complicate a very stale situation.

This could really be a very good division with some slight changes and new angles.

And a little Kharma would help immensely.

The Divas have been a lost cause and on their own island for some time, mainly since the departure of Kharma because of her pregnancy and because of Layla due to injury. Now, there is a totally dominant woman in the ranks (Phoenix) and a woman (Tamina) who looks the part and has a great pedigree but still needs some maturity. There were some good things about the match, but Tamina is still slow and deliberate.

Phoenix is the class of this division that is crying for a Kharma to come in and stir the pot and really feud with the equally adept champion.

Adding someone like a Layla from injury to spice things up. The current roster of the Bellas, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Alicia Fox and Natalya do not strike fear in anyone, and if the success of the division is to work, there needs to be more strength at the top that works its way down the ladder.