Luke Schenn Comeback Needed to Get Toronto out of Funk

Shane HouseAnalyst IJanuary 6, 2009

Even though Toronto did win its last game, it was against Ottawa, so it was not the biggest accomplishment. Let's face it, the Maple Leafs are in a funk.

The thing that I have noticed about this funk is that their defense has been the worst part. They can't stop anything.

It might be because of bad goaltending, an atrocious penalty kill, or maybe even another reason—the absence of Luke Schenn.

Ever since Schenn has been out of the lineup, the Leafs have slowly fallen apart defensively. Both on even strength, and down a man.

At first they kept up their good play, playing well in their first couple games while he was gone. But ever since then, they have been just flat. They have been missing, for lack of a better word, umph.

They haven't been hitting as much, positionally sound or even coming out of the neutral zone.

We need Schenn back. I did not realize this right off the bat, but now I am a believer. He is a catalyst for winning.

Instead of his absence giving a chance for other players to prove themselves, it just showed how much the Leafs need Schenn, and also showed how much Schenn is an integral part of this team.

With Luke Schenn coming back against Florida, I am not guaranteeing that the Leafs will win,  but what I will guarantee is that the Leafs will be better. They will come out with some "umph" in their game. And with Schenn back in the lineup, they should be a much better defensive team.