Leaving Oklahoma? Daily Oklahoman's Barry Trammel Blogs Sam Bradford Is Gone

Ron StilesCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

Barry Tramel just dropped a bombshell in his Daily Oklahoman blog site. After stating the 2009 future of the Sooners is yet to be determined he goes on to say in a following paragraph, and I quote, " Offensively, the Sooners will be rebuilding without Bradford. The offensive line loses four starters, all but Trent Williams, and even he could go pro."

Is this speculation on sportswriter Tramels part? Or nothing more than a misprint that was overlooked? Is it inside information that is just now coming to light? Those are three questions that only Tramel can answer.

With just two days to go before the big game, this has to have an impact on the Oklahoma players and their performance in the National Championship.

Will the Sooners rally and go out as the greatest scoring team in the history of modern football?  Or will the presure to preform along with distractions cause yet one more melt down with Bob Stoops?  I cannot answer these questions.

The question as to whether Bradford stays could be answered sooner than later.  The Sooners answer to the other questions will be on Thursday night.

You can find the Bary Tramel Blog at the Daily Oklahoman web site under,

Gators experienced on offense, not on defense.

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