Jeremy Lin and the NBA's Worst Hairdos

Adam Friedgood@AfriedgoodContributor IIIFebruary 21, 2012

Jeremy Lin and the NBA's Worst Hairdos

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    The NBA and fashion definitely go hand in hand. Since all of the players are wearing the same uniform though, hairstyles have been a way for the athletes to distinguish themselves from their teammates and opponents on the court.

    Numerous NBA players throughout history have been showcased on TV or the cover of magazines, like GQ Magazine, showing off their latest hairstyles or fashion trends. Players like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Amar'e Stoudemire are always dressed to impress and looking their sharpest, on and off the court.

    Some players, like Jeremy Lin, however, clearly just don't care about how they look on the court. Some look like they just rolled out of bed and came to play however they woke up. Others actually look like they went out of their way to get a poor haircut just to get a reaction out of the fans and media. 

    Here's a list of some of the worst hairdos in the NBA today. 


    Note: Each slide has a grade for the player's hairdo on a scale from 1-Rodman. 1 representing the least ugly hairdo and Rodman representing, well, I think that's self explanatory.

Jeremy Lin

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    I know Jeremy Lin didn't have time to find a place to live when he first came to New York, but he at least could have found a barber.

    Now that Lin is on the biggest stage and starting every night in "The World's Most Famous Arena," he needs to look the part. As long as he keeps playing like he's been playing, though, I don't think anyone will bother him about it.  


    Hairdo Grade: 5

Anderson Varejao

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    Surprisingly, Anderson Varejao has kept this awful hairstyle his entire seven-year career in the NBA.

    If you aren't a fan of the TV show The Simpsons, Google the character Side Show Bob and compare him to Varejao for a good laugh. Varejao clearly stole this awful hairdo from the fictional character, but made it look even worse somehow. 


    Hairdo Grade: 7

Chris "Birdman" Andersen

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    Chris Andersen, aka the "Birdman", must have the largest mohawk in NBA history. The hair combined with the colorful tattoos that go all the way up to his neck definitely put Andersen in contention for the ugliest player in the league.

    The craziest thing about him is when he entered the league, he didn't have a single tattoo and had normal looking hair. I guess the "Birdman" felt he needed another way to stand out since his game is only mediocre at best. 


    Hairdo Grade: 8

J.R. Smith

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    I was extremely excited to see J.R. Smith make his Knicks debut Sunday, but quickly became scared the Knicks might have made a mistake when I saw his new hairdo.

    It's actually surprising to see Smith's hair look like that, since he always looked like he had a fresh cut while playing with the Denver Nuggets. Maybe the horizontal stripe is popular in China, but I can't see this trend catching on here in "The Big Apple".


    Hairdo Grade: 8

James Johnson

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    I don't even understand what is going on on top of James Johnson's head. 

    What could he have possibly asked his barber to do to make his hair come out like that? It looks like the person who was cutting his hair quit midway and Johnson didn't have anyone else finish the job.

    It's a good thing Johnson plays for the Toronto Raptors so we don't have to see him much anyway. 


    Hairdo Grade: 9

Joakim Noah

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    No man should have a bun on top of their head. Period.

    I don't know who told him this haircut was acceptable, but I hope Rose and the rest of the Bulls make fun of him in the locker room and at practice about it on a regular basis. Unfortunately for him, when he let's his hair down it doesn't look much better. 


    Hairdo Grade: Rodman

Metta World Peace

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    I had an enormous list of terrible hairdos to choose from with Metta World Peace.

    Since the players aren't aloud to promote personal things on their uniforms, he uses his hair as his own personal billboard instead. When he was still Ron Artest, we saw him write on his head in three different languages and also draw three different NBA team's logos.

    It is safe to say Ron Artest is the new NBA king of bad hairdos and will replace Dennis Rodman on the grade scale for any future bad hairdo article.


    Hairdo Grade: Artest