WWE: 5 Superstars Who Could Elevate Kofi Kingston

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIFebruary 21, 2012

WWE: 5 Superstars Who Could Elevate Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston may not have walked out of the Elimination Chamber with the WWE Championship, but his performance in Raw's Chamber match has people talking.

    The high-flying superstar had a number of memorable spots in the bout and proved once again that he's one of the most exciting and athletic superstars in the WWE.

    That's always been the case, yet Kingston has only teetered on the borderline of the main event scene, never really making it there for an extended period.

    His unforgettable performance at Elimination Chamber, however, showed that Kingston might be just one good feud away from making his way into world title contention.

    Here are five superstars who could help elevate Kingston to the highest point of his WWE career. 

5. CM Punk

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    Raw's Elimination Chamber match started off with a very unique pairing: CM Punk vs. Kofi Kingston.

    It was surprising to see two baby faces begin the match, but being that Punk and Kingston are two favorites of mine, I wasn't complaining.

    Kingston has been stuck in mid-card hell for the last several years, and he's only going to benefit from getting the spotlight on the final pay-per-view before WrestleMania against a guy he has a lot of history with who just so happens to be the current WWE Champion.

    Punk and Kingston once held the tag-team titles together, and they also both made a name for themselves on the now-defunct ECW brand. Oddly enough, though, they've never feuded.

    That needs to change, for the benefit of both guys.

    Punk might be in need of a fresh WWE title feud (after he's done with Chris Jericho), while Kingston needs a marquee feud, because he hasn't had one since his heated rivalry with Randy Orton in late 2009.

    I realize that both Kingston and Punk are baby faces, but that could change, or we could see them battle it out in a face vs. face rivalry.

4. Evan Bourne

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    Evan Bourne's WWE future is, to put it mildly, uncertain at the moment, and there's definitely no guarantee that he's going to even be around come summertime.

    But Bourne was one of the company's most over baby face mid-carders prior to his suspension, thanks in large part to his pairing with Kofi Kingston as Air Boom, a duo that just so happened to be the WWE Tag Team Champions.

    Bourne and Kingston became the faces of the tag-team division in 2011, so if I'm on the creative team, I seriously consider reuniting the two once Bourne returns from suspension. But that reunion shouldn't last very long.

    I've maintained for at least a year now that Kingston could benefit in a big way from a heel turn, and an easy way for that to happen is to have him turn on a face tag-team partner like Bourne.

    As evidenced by guys like Daniel Bryan and Christian recently, a heel turn can take a superstar's career to new heights, and it just might do the same for Kingston. 

3. Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio is like a box of cereal that's been left open overnight—he's stale.

    He's lost most of the momentum that he built up during his first year in the WWE and is no longer viewed as a serious main eventer by most.

    At the same time, he's still a former Royal Rumble winner, Money in the Bank winner and two-time WWE Champion.

    Anyone who feuds with Del Rio and comes out on top is going to look better than they did beforehand.

    Kofi Kingston actually feuded with ADR at this time last year, but that was before Del Rio was the star he's become, so I think it might be time for a re-do.

    At this point, it appears as if Kingston could be more of a priority than ADR, and if that is indeed the case, it would be wise for the creative team to put Kingston over the Mexican Aristocrat.

    The crowd is always behind Kingston, and it hates Del Rio (even though it's sometimes "go away" heat), so having Kingston beat ADR would be a great way to establish the high-flyer as a rising star on Raw

2. The Miz

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    The Miz was in a much better position at this time last year, as we headed toward a huge WWE Championship match with John Cena at WrestleMania 28.

    He's not going to be anywhere near the WWE title this year, though, and will likely be headed toward the returning Money in the Bank match (if that happens) or some random mid-card bout.

    But I don't see any reason why the creative team shouldn't put The Miz into a feud with Kofi Kingston if neither has anything better to do.

    These two go way back, once feuding over the United States Championship and for the WWE Tag Team Championship, and The Miz would be able to help Kingston step up his game on the microphone and become a more well-rounded superstar.

    In addition, it would certainly be better for Kingston to feud with a hated superstar like The Miz than to be stuck in a multi-person match or some feud with a mid-card heel that no one really cares about.

    Kingston needs to build up his resume with some quality wins over Raw's top heels, and The Miz would allow him to do just that.

1. Chris Jericho

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    Chris Jericho and Kofi Kingston have developed a mini-rivalry of sorts.

    The two Raw superstars faced each other on last week's episode of Raw, with Jericho getting the win.

    Then Jericho eliminated Kingston from the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday.

    They've also faced each other at a number of recent live events.

    I realize that the feud between Y2J and Kingston has been pretty one-sided. But Jericho is a master at putting others over without making himself look bad, and I think we could see him do that with Kingston once his feud with CM Punk is over and done with.

    Jericho doesn't need to be going over or burying young talent at this point in his career, and as evidenced by his last WWE run, he doesn't seem to have a problem with taking losses to up-and-coming performers.

    It's certainly not out of the realm of possibility that he'll do that for Kingston.

    He and Jericho could put on a fantastic series of matches, while Jericho could also help him elevate his game in the promo department as well.

    I want to see these two guys go at it because it could help out the company in a major way by creating a new main event star by the name of Kofi Kingston.

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