BR5: Meet Desi Sanchez, the Host of the Bleacher Report's Daily Show

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Welcome to BR5—your source for sports and pop culture news.

Quite a few things happened this weekend. More "Linsanity," Kevin Durant going for 51 points against the Nuggets and more off-the-wall sports and pop culture news. We'll be back tomorrow to get all of that to you.

But for our holiday show, BR5 decided to do something special. We did a BR5+ show, where we let you get to know the host of our show, Desi Sanchez.

But since she's kind of crazy and so are the producers, we thought it would be best to hear about Desi...from Desi.

See where this is going? What better way to hear about how Ms. Sanchez got the job, how much she loves sports and about that weird thing she can do with her eyes, than from the "Host with the Most" herself?

Since the show has to post everyday on both coasts, Desi talks about the insane hours she keeps and what time she has to wake up in order to shoot the show by 6 AM.

You heard that right—six in the morning.

The writers and producers would like to thank everyone who tunes in, and Desi would also like to thank everyone for their great comments and feedback.

We'll be back tomorrow with another daily episode of the show, so please tune in.

Feel free to drop some questions in the comments, and we'll get them to Desi and maybe even answer them during the show.

Thanks and see you tomorrow!

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