WWE Elimination Chamber: Why John Cena vs. Kane Is Now History

Trevor MedeirosCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2012

When John Cena closed the doors on Kane and that ambulance at the conclusion of their match at WWE Elimination Chamber, I realized that he was also slamming the door shut on his rivalry with the Big Red Monster. 

There was some speculation out there in the Internet Wrestling Community that perhaps the Cena-Kane feud would resume after Cena and the Rock concluded their match at WrestleMania 28. After what transpired at Elimination Chamber, I’m convinced that won’t be the case. 

After winning in vintage fashion, Cena officially has put Kane behind him and has his sights set fully on the Rock. 

Cena was pretty aggressive and even a bit ruthless in his ambulance match against Kane. He got in a couple of solid shots on the big man with the steel steps and television monitors before getting slammed through the Spanish announcing table via a slightly botched choke slam.

Cena managed to bounce back in impressive fashion, even delivering an Attitude Adjustment to Kane from atop the ambulance onto the ground below. But don’t fret, Kane fans.

It looks like the Big Red Monster had a soft landing onto a concealed surface, perhaps a boatload of Charmin or one of those bottomless ball pits I spent hours at a time in at Chuck E. Cheese’s when I was a kid.

And Cena managed to regain his lost mojo by beating Kane in textbook John Cena fashion. It appeared that Kane had the match won when he wheeled Cena up to the ambulance.

He even managed to load Cena into the vehicle and got one of the two doors closed. But that’s when Cena managed to pull off yet another one of his patented “never give up” victories.

He miraculously managed (notice my sarcastic tone?) to kick open the door, staving off elimination in the process. From there, Cena delivered on his promise to defeat Kane.   

And after Kane was driven out of the arena, Cena was all smiles, hardly the look of a man who had supposedly embraced the hate. Cena’s wide grin was justified.

He knew that he had finally vanquished the Big Red Machine, once and for all. With one foe out of the picture, it’s time for Cena to turn his attention to his biggest foe yet in a certain Dwayne Johnson.

As Elimination Chamber went off the air, Cena glanced up toward the Bradley Center’s rafters in the direction of the hanging WrestleMania XXVIII sign. 

It was his way of telling the IWC that we may as well start looking forward to the Rock-Cena match on April 1, because Cena’s rivalry with Kane is officially history.