WWE: The Best Tattoos in Wrestling History

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WWE: The Best Tattoos in Wrestling History
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There have been many wrestlers who have stepped into the WWE arena over the years and some have been forgettable and some have been irreplaceable. You can search high and low but you will never find another Shawn Michaels, Undertaker or Rock.

It takes many things to become a successful WWE superstar. You need to have the wrestling ability, charisma, microphone skills and the right look. Tattoos can enhance a wrestler's appearance or they can just look plain stupid. Some tattoos are so memorable that it is often associated with the person's character and image. These tattoos often represent or symbolize who the wrestlers are and how the fans see them. A wrestler can easily change his hair or ring attire if he doesn't look good but a tattoo is not so easy to change or get rid of.

A tattoo may not be the most important thing for a wrestler's career to be successful but they can tell you a lot about the individual.  Some wrestlers get tattoos that represent stages or significant events in their lives and some even get tattoos that represent their wrestling careers. Various wrestlers have even gotten tattoos that they later regretted but this slideshow is not about those tattoos. Instead, this is a slideshow of the 25 best tattoos in wrestling history.

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