WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: What We Learned from John Cena's Win

Thomas J. Harrigan Jr.Correspondent IFebruary 20, 2012

Well, John Cena's still Super. That much was clear after Cena had sent Kane out of the Bradley Center in an ambulance last night.

It was telling that, at a pay-per-view called Elimination Chamber, neither of the two Chamber matches was the final bout.

Cena's was.

If the WWE has any intention of turning Cena heel or having him embrace the hate, the company didn't play its hand at Elimination Chamber.  Sure, he's finally showing some emotion during his promos, but you can't say we haven't seen Cena do what he did last night before. 

At One Night Stand 2007, Cena delivered an Attitude Adjustment to the Great Khali off of a crane. And at Over the Limit 2010, Cena performed the same move to Batista, this time off the top of a car, sending Batista through the stage. 

Last night, it was Kane who found himself in Cena's Fireman's Carry, on top of an ambulance. 

So, as of now, it looks like Cena will go into his match with The Rock with the same stale persona. 

Perhaps Rock's appearance will be used as another pawn by Kane to turn Cena, but Kane's future plans weren't immediately clear as he was hauled out of the arena. 

Conspicuous in their absence were Zack Ryder and Eve, both of whom have been heavily involved in this storyline from the get-go. Ryder was still selling his injuries from being pushed off of the stage by Kane on Raw last week, but the fully healthy and Cena-smitten Eve was nowhere to be found.

With Cena turning his focus to The Rock, there is potential for a Ryder versus Kane feud to spin off from Kane's conflict with Cena as the WWE attempts to rebuild Ryder's character. 

In a vacuum, Cena versus Kane was an enjoyable bout, but the lack of progression in their storyline or in Cena's character leaves something to be desired. 

The major sentiment to take away from Elimination Chamber is that the WWE is content with the status quo. Why change things when Cena is still a major cash cow, even if half the audience chants, "We all hate you"?

The WWE knows people will buy the mega matchup of Rock versus Cena regardless of what character Cena assumes, because we haven't seen it before and likely won't see it again. 

Like The Rock versus Hogan, Cena versus Rock pits icons from two different eras. And even if we all have been extremely frustrated with Cena's era for quite some time, Cena versus Rock is still must-see television.