WWE Elimination Chamber: Resulting Questions from Questionable Results

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIFebruary 20, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber: Resulting Questions from Questionable Results

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    Elimination Chamber has come and gone. The fans have had a few hours to process the results, and I wanted to share some questions I came up with after the PPV. I enjoy getting together with my readers and sharing our opinions.

    Last night, I felt that most fans had extremely mixed reactions. Today, I want to make it possible for all of you to express yourself on how you felt about last night.

    Let's get to it!

Why Open with the WWE Championship Match?

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    Anyone that has been following my articles over the last few months knows that I have a pet peeve when the WWE overshadows the WWE Championship. The creative team showed me once again that they do not care about the Championship when they decided to open the pay-per-view with the title match.

    Apparently, a throw-in United States Championship match and a Natalya Neidhart farting segment are more important than the WWE title. I will take it a step further and say that if the title is not on John Cena, then it apparently is irrelevant to the WWE creative team.

    So many articles get written about how CM Punk can lead the WWE going forward. That is impossible when being the champion does not mean anything anymore. It really does not matter how many shirts you sell or how good your matches are, because for the last year, all the WWE has done is push John Cena, and that is all that is going to happen until he is gone.

    Just compare the current feuds going on: The WWE has pushed a meaningless grudge between John Cena and Kane down everyone’s throat in spite of gaping plot holes and an unfulfilling conclusion. CM Punk and Chris Jericho’s feud has gotten barely any push, and most of the time, fans are confused at the direction it is even going.

    Last night, the WWE title match was first on the card, and John Cena’s match was the main event.

    I have never seen a guy pushed as hard as John Cena despite a stale character, subpar wrestling matches and not getting over with half of the fans. No one has been pushed this hard with those same variables. Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin, among so many others, never remained the same character for this long while getting booed and still got pushed over and over. 

    At this point, I believe that the WWE title match at WrestleMania will be a dark match that goes on before the actual PPV.

Why Does the United States Championship Exist?

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    I have a theory on why so many United States Championship matches are thrown in at the last second, and I would like to share said theory with my readers. I believe that if the first few matches go shorter than anticipated, then the WWE simply throws in a U.S. title match to fill up a few minutes before the main event.

    That has to be it because there is no other rational explanation for why they continue to do it.

    At this point, I think the WWE should just get rid of every title because they clearly do not care about them anymore. How many great matches have there been involving the U.S., Intercontinental, Diva or Tag Team titles in the last year?

    Some readers believe I am too impatient at times, and I am always willing to step back and see if they are right. However, I do not think I am out of line to suggest that the mid-card titles have been forgotten in all of 2011 and that trend seems to be continuing in 2012.

    Does it bother you that the WWE continues to throw in matches to pay-per-views that we are expected to purchase?

Where Was Kharma?

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    Ever since she entered the Royal Rumble, fans have been wondering where Kharma has been. First, we all thought she was going to appear on Raw after the Royal Rumble. When she did not show up, we assumed she would interfere in Beth Phoenix’s match at Elimination Chamber. Nope.

    So where is Kharma?

    Diva fans are beyond depressed with the state of the division, and the only hope we cling to is that Kharma and Beth Phoenix are going to right the ship. While Beth is doing a decent job despite battling inferior talent, Kharma’s disappearance is confusing.

    Why tease the fans at the Rumble if she was still not ready to come back? Is this all a ploy to have her return at WrestleMania?

    Last night, all I kept hoping for was that Kharma came out and sent a message to Beth Phoenix. That never happened. Instead, I witnessed a halfway decent match, but I enjoyed it less and less every time Tamina Snuka went for the splash. She relies FAR too much on a move that has not been considered “amazing” for over 20 years. Stop trying to be your father.

    The Divas division really needs help if the WWE is going to keep putting their matches on television. When do you think Kharma should come back?

Elimination Chamber’s Main Event Is Not an Elimination Chamber Match?

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    Perhaps I am being too picky, but when the pay-per-view is named “Elimination Chamber,” then I would expect that an Elimination Chamber match would be the main event. In fact, since this PPV’s inception, the main event has always been an Elimination Chamber match.

    Until this year.

    Last year, John Cena won his Elimination Chamber match, and that was the main event. This year, Cena was in an Ambulance match against Kane, and that was the main event. Do you see a pattern?

    The Elimination Chamber match is actually a great concept, but I wonder if having a pay-per-view based around it works. The WWE did not even have qualifying matches this year to determine who would be in the Chamber matches. If the writers are just going to pick random opponents, then I feel like the match is irrelevant. I want to see competitors fighting for the chance to be in the chamber.

    The other disappointing factor for me, on top of not having a Chamber match as the main event, was the fact that both champions came out victorious. We saw that at Royal Rumble, and I was hoping the WWE would be less predictable this time around.

    Elimination Chamber should be a PPV where the viewers are unable to pick the winner every time. The six wrestlers competing for the title should all have a legitimate chance to win. Guys like Santino Marella and the Great Khali have no place, regardless of Santino’s crowd reaction. Everyone knew he never had a shot to actually win.

    Perhaps the Elimination Chamber would be better utilized as a match in another pay-per-view rather than have an entire program built around the match concept.

    What are your thoughts on Elimination Chamber?

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