EDGE Keeps On Taking The Easy Way Out

Paul BentleyContributor IJanuary 6, 2009

Heres a newsflash: Something you did'nt know about the Rated R Superstar Edge, (Rated R for Ridiculous)i think, his actions have been well documented, first i don't recall the last time he earned a title shot its totally unfair plus I don't think Vicky should be the General Manager of Smackdown.

Because everything always goes in Edge's favour and no one stands a chance, because as long as she's the general manager, its never going to be a fair match, she will always make sure he wins a title defence, thats why is not done fair, she is supposed to call it right down the middle 50/50.

So i think the board of directors should do something about this, I understand that its a tough job but ive had enough of this rubbish.

Because the way Edge has been allowed to use the money in the bank title shot in the past is wrong, when a superstar has just competed in a match and is left totally defenceless yeah right give me a break.