Atlanta Falcons 2012 Mock Draft: Best-Case Scenarios for Each Round

Alex WelchCorrespondent IIFebruary 21, 2012

Atlanta Falcons 2012 Mock Draft: Best-Case Scenarios for Each Round

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    Everyone always has at least one player in mind that they pray will fall to their franchise. We sit and watch the draft constantly hoping for one of those gems to somehow linger around until it's our team's selection.

    Without a first or fourth-round pick in 2012, the Falcons will have to do a fair amount of praying to snag a future star sliding down the board. Atlanta will just have to make the most of those five selections come April.

    Instead of looking at who will likely end up in Atlanta this spring, this mock draft will examine the best case scenarios for each pick the Falcons have. Most of these probably won't come true, but it doesn't hurt to hope for the best.

    Keep in mind some of these guys will undoubtedly go much higher than listed here, but anything can happen in the NFL Draft, right?

Round 2: Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall

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    Vinny Curry is a stud when it comes to rushing the passer and the Falcons could certainly use his talents on their defensive line. Unfortunately one problem stands in the way, the fact that he will probably be taken way before pick No. 55. 

    Several mock drafts have shown Curry going off the board in Round 1. Some have also put him at the end of Round 2. At this point, it's up in the air as to where he'll land, but it's clear that he has the skills to be a first-round pick. If he slides this far, there's no way Thomas Dimitroff won't at least consider him.

Round 3: Ben Jones, C, UGA

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    It remains to be seen whether Todd McClure will close out his career in Atlanta, but either way he's going to need replacing soon. Ben Jones is an experienced, talented center who can provide a solid role for years to come in Atlanta.

    Jones is being given a projection of second to third round right now, but it appears unlikely that he will fall all the way to the bottom of Round 3. Of course, this is a best case scenario look, so if he does somehow stick it out till the mid 80s, Atlanta should jump at the opportunity.

Round 5: Michael Egnew, TE, Mizzou

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    Michael Egnew will make any team happy with his pass-catching abilities; it's his skill level at blocking that scouts are worried about. Regardless of how much work he needs, falling to the fifth round would be a phenomenal turn of events for the Falcons.

    Egnew is projected to go somewhere in Round 4 right now, but maybe NFL teams won't be too sold on him due to some of his weaknesses. Atlanta needs a solid replacement for Tony Gonzalez in the future and Egnew could learn a lot from a year under a future Hall of Famer.

Round 6: A.J. Jenkins, WR, Illinois

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    Out of all the draft projections so far, Jenkins has been listed as a third, fourth, fifth and sixth rounder. Apparently no one has any idea when he will actually be taken, which is why he's listed here in Round 6. If Jenkins falls this far, he'd be pretty hard to pass up.

    The self proclaimed "best receiver in the Big 10" definitely has some attitude issues to watch out for and his route running skills are far from impressive. However, he can make plays and separate from defenders with his speed, and he would make a nice addition to the Falcons if Harry Douglas and Eric Weems find new franchises to call home.

    How likely is it that he'll fall this far? About as likely as my chances of getting drafted at all. But hey, this is truly a best case scenario.

Round 7: Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin

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    This might be the least plausible possibility of them all. If Russell Wilson drops to the end of Round 7, there will probably be a few people getting fired around the league. Wilson is by no means the next Tom Brady, but he has plenty of potential and a great arm to back him up.

    The other Wilson (John Parker) might be Matt Ryan's backup going into next season. When Atlanta has to rely on JPW, it won't be a pretty sight. They need someone else to be able to step in.

    Russell Wilson would only fall farther in the draft because of his size. He's projected anywhere from Round 4-6 currently, and he will probably find a home somewhere in there. It would be great to get a shot at drafting him, but Atlanta most likely won't even come close.