2012 NFL Draft: 4 Reasons Justin Blackmon Is Missing Piece for St. Louis Rams

Steven ConklinCorrespondent IIFebruary 20, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: 4 Reasons Justin Blackmon Is Missing Piece for St. Louis Rams

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    Justin Blackmon is the answer in St. Louis. 

    Whether it's because he is an incredibly dynamic athlete or because wide receiver is the biggest need for the Rams, there is no denying Blackmon would be a tremendous fit in blue and gold. 

    The Rams have drafted well in recent years, with the exception of Jason Smith, and drafting the Oklahoma State Cowboy would be another great selection in the rebuilding process. 

    Here are four reasons Justin Blackmon is unquestionably the missing piece for the St. Louis Rams. 

Blackmon Brings Highest Value

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    Justin Blackmon has the highest value for St. Louis in this year's draft.

    Due to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, rookie contracts will be less expensive. With that comes the greater desire to draft a franchise quarterback. 

    The hoopla around Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III is taking over the draft, and there will be a team who's willing to overpay for whichever isn't picked No. 1 overall. 

    The Rams will be able to move down in the draft and still pick up Blackmon within the top nine picks. 

    Blackmon's value is raised not only because of his talent but because St. Louis doesn't have to draft him at No. 2 overall. 

Rams Need a Pass-Catcher More Than Ever

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    Sam Bradford is supposed to be a franchise quarterback. 

    How is he supposed to do that with the receiving corps the Rams have had in recent years?

    The addition of Brandon Lloyd via trade last year was an exceptional move for St. Louis. In 11 games, Lloyd caught 51 passes for 683 yards and reached the endzone five times, easily becoming Bradford's favorite target in the process. 

    The selection of Blackmon would instantly boost Bradford's corp of receivers and allow him to become a better quarterback and the leader St. Louis needs him to be.

    If Lloyd is retained and St. Louis still drafts Blackmon, Bradford would then have an incredible dual threat running routes. 

A Fresh Face for the Franchise

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    Last season, the Detroit Lions turned the corner and became one of the NFL's most electrifying teams. Calvin Johnson emerged as the league's best receiver and ignited a huge year for Detroit. 

    Justin Blackmon could do the same thing for St. Louis. 

    The selection of the 6'1" receiver could take some of the pressure off of Sam Bradford and give Rams nation something to watch in the 2012 season. 

    In a passing league, St. Louis needs to catch up with a lethal combo of their own. Drafting Blackmon would give the Rams a great chance at doing so. 

Blackmon Is Best Option

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    The pool of pass-catchers in this year's draft may not be as great as in recent years, but it's very good in its own right. 

    Alshon Jeffery (pictured), Michael Floyd and Kendall Wright lead the class along with Blackmon, but Justin Blackmon is unquestionably the top receiver available. 

    The Rams need a franchise receiver and I don't believe Jeffery, Floyd or Wright have a chance to be in the elite class of wideouts. 

    Jeffery and Floyd will probably be first-round picks as well, but are either worth a top 10 pick, which the Rams are certain to have?


    Blackmon is the best option for St. Louis and St. Louis needs to do what's best. 

    Draft Blackmon.

    Steven Conklin is a contributing writer for the Bleacher Report and a student at the University of Central Missouri. He joined B/R in October 2011 and is currently a B/R intern. Any comments, questions or suggestions are more than welcome.