WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: Jack Swagger vs. Gabriel Was a Pleasant Surprise

Agent GreenCorrespondent IIFebruary 20, 2012

As fans tuned in to the Elimination Chamber PPV on February 19th, many had asked themselves why there were only four matches on the card. Would a match go for an hour? Will there be lots of promos? Or will there be any extra matches?

Those thoughts were slowly answered as the PPV unfolded, until a bonus match was indeed booked for the event.

It all began when Jack Swagger (who clearly doesn’t follow the “Be A Star” campaign) picked a fight with Hornswoggle. After Justin Gabriel stood up for his smaller friend, the fans were treated with the presence of Teddy Long, who booked a match between Swagger and Gabriel for the United States Championship.

Both men had solid ring work in this impromptu match. Jack got in his usual spots such as the suplexes and the Swagger Bomb. Also, Justin had some very impressive moves such as a corkscrew plancha and a diving crossbody.

In the end, Swagger made Gabriel tap out with the Ankle Lock and retained the United States Championship.

From bell-to-bell, the action that was displayed in the time allowed was quite enjoyable.

However, at three minutes long, it was the shortest match of the night, even shorter than the Divas Championship match.

Another interesting point is that Jack Swagger is a RAW Superstar, while Justin is a SmackDown Superstar.

So what would have happened if Justin actually won the belt?

Perhaps Justin would have become a RAW Superstar, or maybe SmackDown would have had both mid-card titles. But now, we may never know the alternative outcome.

Still, it was great to see Justin and his high-risk offense on display. And the match gave Swagger the successful title defense that he needed to validate his reign.