WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: I Can't Rise Above Hating the John Cena/Kane Feud

Rocky BrownCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

John Cena defeated Kane in an Ambulance Match at the 2012 WWE Elimination Chamber. It's something I've expected since the match was announced.

What I didn't expect was for the match to go on as the main event of the evening. I feel that was a very poor choice on the part of the WWE. It's the Elimination Chamber PPV and neither chamber match was last on the card.

I think people were drained from the SmackDown Elimination Chamber and then bored from the throw-in Jack Swagger vs. Justin Gabriel match for the United States Championship and found it hard to get excited for, perhaps, the most predictable encounter on the card. I know I did.

Also, did they make us care about Cena vs. Kane enough for it to be in the coveted main-event spot? Or do we now care more to see Zack Ryder vs. Kane or Ryder vs. Cena?

I'd argue that I'd rather see the last two matches more. Ryder has been betrayed by someone who is his best friend and has a legitimate beef with Cena. While, Kane has terrorized Ryder to no end.

The feud annoyed me tonight. It took up way too much time on TV the past few weeks and, honestly, I expected a payoff to come tonight and I don't feel that's what we received.

Ryder has been the whipping boy of this feud, taking bump after bump at the hands of Kane. This past week, he went for a wheelchair ride off the stage, back brace and all.

The bumps haven't made Ryder look tough, it has just killed the momentum he had. It also made him look like Randy from the 1989 movie No Holds Barred who needs big brother Rip/Hulk Hogan to beat up Zeus for him. Kane is Zeus and Cena is Hogan in this scenario.

Which person involved has gotten anything out of this feud?

Ryder? Momentum is gone. Kane? He's not really the monster he was advertised as being if he can get destroyed by Cena in an Ambulance Match. Cena? His character hasn't changed, he hasn't really embraced the hate, he really is just the same. We've seen him beat people with steel stairs before.

The only person that benefited from this feud was Eve. A heel turn is natural now and, by the boos she received on RAW, should go very well. No one likes a hussy, Eve.

So the main beneficiary of this "main event" feud was a woman from a division that at this point gets a total of six to 10 minutes of TV time per week.

At least I can find solace in the fact that the Elimination Chamber was probably the end of this feud and now we can sit back, watch the road to WrestleMania and look forward to The Rock vs. John Cena.