Jeremy Lin: Lindsay Lohan Bringing More Knicks' Linsanity to SNL

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Jeremy Lin: Lindsay Lohan Bringing More Knicks' Linsanity to SNL
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Updated 02/29/2012 to include SNL's Linsanity promo on slide #2.

Media coverage of New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin may have introduced the word Linsanity to a worldwide audience, but Linsanity has been around for years. Over three years ago, gossip blogger Perez Hilton used the phrase in reference to Mean Girls actress and Knicks fan Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan, who's had puns made with her name for years, will be hosting NBC’s Saturday Night Live for her fourth time on March 3rd, with musical guest Jack White. You can bet the show will have a skit or two in regard to Jeremy Lin and the whole Linsanity business.  

What, you say you’re not interested in watching Lindsay Lohan on SNL? For the 21-and-older crowd, turn the evening into a fun drinking game. Every time Lindsay says the word Linsanity or mentions Jeremy Lin, take a shot. My guess is starting with Lohan's opening monologue, it will feel more like a power hour. 

It might just make the whole thing less painful to watch. Sort of like watching the Knicks now with Jeremy Lin in the game. 

I kid; Lindsay Lohan is one of the greatest thespians of all time. And the Knicks are great too, just not to a semi-Celtics fan (I became a fan without a team when the Sonics left Seattle, so living in the greater Boston area I temporarily replaced them with the Celtics). 

On second thought, given Lohan's recent attempt to clean up her hard-partying past, maybe it would be insensitive to turn her SNL hosting gig into a drinking game. Plus St. Patrick's Day is coming up, so you'll have other opportunities to get your own ankle monitor.   

This past Saturday night, SNL aptly mocked the double standard between anti-Asian-American and anti-African-American comments in the media. The opening SNL skit started with the use of every Lin pun in the book, and then moved onto to some racist tweets and news coverage surrounding Linsanity.  

“…Some of the discussion has gotten racially charged, we've seen derogatory comments from Fox Sports' Jason Whitlock and The bottom line is the kid’s a great basketball player, and race has nothing to do with it. The New York Post says he’s Amasian!” 

What kind of Linsanity can we expect from Lindsay Lohan’s hosting duties on SNL? Let’s take a look. 

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