Oleg Maskaev: Exclusive One-on-One Video Inerview

Vitali SCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2012

MOSCOW - DECEMBER 10:  Oleg Maskaev (L) of Russia in action against Peter Okhello of Uganda during the WBC Heavyweight title fight on December 10, 2006 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Dima Korotayev/Epsilon/Getty Images)
Epsilon/Getty Images

There has been a rumor going around that Oleg Maskaev (36-7-0) wants to come back and fight again.

This has turned out to be far from just a rumor and more of a fact.

Just a week ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Oleg in his home and talking to him a little bit about his boxing past and present. We talked about things that have happened and what he wants to achieve with his comeback.

I think that most people know Oleg for his two exciting toe-to-toe battles with Hasim Rahman, and while both fighters were far from their prime, both put on a hell of a show. Some boxers retire to take a long break only to come back stronger and hungrier than before (Vitali Klitschko), while others fail at the very same attempt.

Maskaev will be older than preferred for his comeback, but nobody can question his heart and will to fight. No, I don't expect to see him claim titles, but I do think he is capable of giving us, the fans, more exciting fights. Imagine Maskaev vs. Arreola, or even Chisora, for that matter. I don't know what will come of his comeback, but I am willing to watch his fight and give him the benefit of the doubt.

I apologize for the poor quality of the video and audio, but I did the best with the equipment I had. Please enjoy my one-on-one video interview with Oleg.