FC Barcelona Transfers: 6 Midfielders Who Could Cover for Iniesta and Xavi

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IFebruary 21, 2012

FC Barcelona Transfers: 6 Midfielders Who Could Cover for Iniesta and Xavi

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    FC Barcelona may be advancing in the UEFA Champions League and Copa del Rey, but they do have problems, mainly the injuries of Andres Iniesta and Xavi.

    Iniesta recently had a tear in his left hamstring during one of Barca's matches against Real Madrid during the Copa del Rey. Xavi recently suffered an injury in his right leg, which has prevented him from participating in Barca matches.

    Without these midfielders, FC Barcelona encounters a difficult situation, including inconsistencies in play on both defense and offense. What current midfielders could be used to substitute for Xavi and Iniesta this season?

    What about midfielders that could substitute for Xavi and Iniesta during the summer transfer window? The majority of the midfielders with potential for Barca are young (between 18 and 21) and come from Brazil.

    Check out the slide show, and discuss who could substitute for Xavi and Iniesta.

1. Ganso

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    Ganso is currently a midfielder for Santos FC and caught the attention of European clubs.

    Harry Redknapp expressed interest in Ganso for the Tottenham Hotspur. Luis Ribeiro, Santos FC president, stated that he was not opposed to Ganso leaving for Tottenham at the time.

    Would Ribeiro allow Ganso to leave for Barca in the summer?

    Santos could even be a replacement for midfielders such as Seydou Keita. The Daily Mail reported that Liverpool has expressed interest in Keita, and Barca may be receptive to a deal.

2. Oscar Dos Santos Emboaba Junior

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    Oscar Dos Santos Emboaba Junior is an emerging midfielder in Brazilian world football. He would be able to fill the shoes of Seydou Keita, Andres Iniesta and Xavi, who are injured or in the last years of the careers.

    Oscar defies explanation, but the video is a tribute to his achievements in Brazil. It is a reflection of what is in store for La Blaugrana should they sign Oscar.

3. Leandrinho

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    Leandrinho is another emerging midfielder from Santos FC in Brazil, having made an impact in Brazilian world football.

    The attempt to find information on Leandrinho was almost impossible, but the YouTube video shows Leandrinho in action and what could be a sign of the future for Barca.

4. Felipe Anderson

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    Felipe Anderson is another midfielder in his late teens playing for Santos FC. According to Soccerway.com, Anderson accomplished a lot in his fewer years with the Brazilian club.

    In 2011, Anderson was the winner in the Copa Libertadores and the runner-up at the FIFA Club World Cup. He scored three goals within 38 appearances and has clocked 1,901 minutes played.

    Anderson could be a viable candidate for the midfielder position at FC Barcelona.

5. Pedro Castro

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    Pedro Castro participated in the matches between Santos FC and Guarani. He also participated in the match between his club and Linense, with great results.

    Castro is another emerging midfielder from the ranks of Santos who can replace Xavi and Andres Iniesta in the future.

6. Thomas

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    Thomas currently plays for the Brazilian club Flamengo and is starting his world football career. According to Soccerway.com, he made 11 appearances and clocked 496 minutes in matches.

    Thomas is currently proving himself as a midfielder and has potential for FC Barcelona.


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    The future for FC Barcelona transfers in midfield is a saga waiting to be written. The midfielders mentioned in this slide show are at the beginning of their careers.

    La Blaugrana has a lot to choose from, as any of these midfielders can continue where Andres Iniesta and Xavi left off. The midfielders have the potential to grow in their profession if they ever join La Blaugrana or other European clubs.

    Only time will tell about these future greats.