Top Shot Season 4 Gets off to Strong Start with 3 Eliminations in Premiere

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 18, 2012

Photo provided by the History Channel
Photo provided by the History Channel

Top Shot is a show on the History Channel where marksmen compete in ridiculous competitions to see who is the best marksman.

Everything from rocks and slingshots to mini-guns and explosives have been used to test skills, as well as everything in between.

Season 4 began this past Tuesday and we got the first two eliminations before we even found out what teams people were on.

The opening contest was taking a single shot with a rifle and whoever the two furthest from the bull's eye were got eliminated. Forrest McCord, a world champion pistol shooter, and Craig Buckland were eliminated after being the furthest from the target.

The main competition for the show was each team having all eight players take on a row of targets which became increasingly smaller. If you didn't hit all six in a row then your targets went back up.

The contest was hard fought and both teams had the lead at various points, but it was the red team who came away with the win.

The team nominated Frank and Gregory to go to the elimination round, which most of them seemed to want to compete in after they saw what it was.

The elimination round saw the two face off in a side-car challenge. Each man was equipped with an M-1 Carbine and 10 targets to shoot at with only 15 rounds to do it with.

Photo provided by the History Channel
Photo provided by the History Channel

The challenge looked like a lot of fun, but it was all business as both men were fighting to stay in a competition where the winner will earn a pro shooting contract.

In the end, it was Frank who was sent home, leaving the blue team down a man after the first day.

This season has lots in store as we have been promised that instead of emulating history, the show will try to make history. Colby mentioned something about a 1,500-yard shot in an interview so I am excited to see what this seasons has in store.

After the first episode, who do you want to see win the whole thing?