WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Preview: 15 Burning Questions Fans Want Answered

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IFebruary 18, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Preview: 15 Burning Questions Fans Want Answered

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    The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view should answer plenty of burning questions the WWE Universe has had in recent memory. 

    Being the last PPV before WrestleMania, the Elimination Chamber should either end some inevitable feuds(John Cena vs. Kane), add fire to some feuds(CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho) or start a new feud for WrestleMania. 

    The importance of the Elimination Chamber matches are huge because they set the stage for the title matches at WrestleMania.

    How will the Elimination Chamber pan out? Will all of the WWE Universe's 15 burning questions be answered?

15. How Will Santino Marella Do in the Chamber?

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    Santino was added to the SmackDown! Elimination Chamber match because of injury to Randy Orton.

    Marella is by the far the underdog of the match. It would seem crazy to assume that Marella would walk out of the Elimination Chamber the champion but crazier things have happened. 

    Assuming Marella does not win in the chamber, there might be a repeat of what happened with him and Alberto Del Rio in the Royal Rumble in 2011. Maybe Marella will be the last one to come out of the pod. Once Marella attempts to get out of the pod he gets dismantled in the pod and the rest of the superstars forget about him until the end. 

    Just like Royal Rumble, the last superstar will celebrate their victory but then realize there is a helpless Santino Marella in the corner. The last superstar will then have to finish him off in order to cement his victory. 

    Whether or not this scenario happens, one must wonder why Marella was placed in the cage and not any other deserving superstar from SmackDown! or Raw. 

14. How Far Will the Great Khali Go?

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    The Great Khali is another member in the SmackDown! Elimination Chamber that fans are not too happy about. Khali is a horrendous wrestler, not athletic, and incredibly boring in the ring, yet he somehow found his way into the Elimination Chamber where all of these criteria are important. 

    Will the Great Khali do anything spectacular in the ring our outside on the steel floor? My guess is that Khali will use his brute force in the ring to injure a few superstars then be eliminated after the Big Show has his way with him. 

    Whatever the outcome is for the Punjabi Playboy, the WWE Universe is most likely hoping that the one scenario involved with Khali is that he actually wins the Chamber match—that would be a disaster. 

13. Will Cody Rhodes Finally Reach Main Event Status by Winning in the Chamber?

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    Is Cody Rhodes' chances of being in the main event at Wrestle Mania defending a the heavyweight championship only "smoke and mirrors" or is there a big possibility? 

    Rhodes will likely play a big part in the Chamber now that Orton was replaced by Santino Marella, but is his part going to be big enough to where he actually comes out the champion? 

    Although Rhodes is one of the best on SmackDown!, it will likely be Bryan or Big Show coming out as the champion from the Elimination Chamber. 

    Expect Rhodes to defend his Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 28. For the sake of what the fans want, hopefully the match is against his brother Goldust(Dustin Rhodes). 

12. Will Sheamus Be Involved in the PPV at All?

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    Although Sheamus is on the poster for the event, he is nowhere to be found on the card. Even though Sheamus is not on the card, one should fully expect him to be involved in the show in some fashion. 

    Sheamus may run to the ring during the chamber match and help one of the weaker contestants win for his own benefit. Sheamus may also be on commentary during the match. Sheamus may even do the unthinkable and completely eliminate an opponent prior to the match, enter the cage, win the belt and claim that he does not have to defend it at WrestleMania. He's not only the champion, but he is the No. 1 contender. 

    The latter scenario is impossible and will not occur, but what will occur is involvement from Sheamus in some way shape or form during the Elimination Chamber PPV and most likely in the SmackDown! match itself. 

11. How Will Daniel Bryan Fare in the Elimination Chamber?

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    Daniel Bryan has been winning matches as of late like a typical coward heel—through disqualification. Luckily for the rest of the chamber, Bryan has nowhere to run or hide and no one in the chamber can be disqualified for any reason. 

    Expect Bryant to pin one or two opponents after they have been dismantled by someone else. Bryan will likely be one of the last two left in the cage. Whether or not Bryan wins, he will likely be in the World Heavyweight Title match at WrestleMania 28. 

10. Will Kharma Get Involved in the Match Between Tamina and Beth?

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    Kharma finally returned to the WWE during the Royal Rumble and eliminated both Michael Cole and Hunico.Since then she has not been seen on WWE programming—expect that to change come this Sunday.

    Beth Phoenix has been yapping a lot about how no one will take her belt away from her and Kharma will have something to say about that. Kharma will likely be the only person that could take the belt away from Phoenix. 

    Don't expect Kharma to get involved during the match. Once Phoenix successfully defends her title then expect Kharma to come out and set up the inevitable match up between the two at WrestleMania 28. 

9. Will the Miz Last Long in the Chamber?

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    The Miz has not been on the WWE's good side as of late. According to reports from WrestlingInc.com, the Miz has been in a lot of trouble lately because of a botch that led to R-Truth's concussion and because of low Survivor Series buy rates. 

    Is it likely that the Miz will gain steam from the Elimination Chamber match? Probably not. The Miz may be the first participant eliminated in the match.

    The Miz will likely have to start all over again from the back of the line. Do not expect the Miz to be in the WWE title match in WrestleMania 28 the way he was in WrestleMania 27.

    Oh how fast the Miz dropped from top to bottom...

8. What Kind of Acrobatic Move Will Kofi Kingston Pull Off?

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    It's obvious that the WWE is trying to replace the John Morrison and his extremely acrobatic spots with Kofi Kingston—like Kingston’s handstand walk into the ring at Royal Rumble.

    Kingston, like Morrison, is only involved in this match to stick around for a while and be apart of some extreme spots. Kingston will likely use his acrobatic style as an advantage in the chamber and complete a "boom drop" from somewhere. 

    Kingston will definitely put on a show during the RAW Elimination Chamber match, but he will unlikely come out the victor. 

7. Will Dolph Ziggler Continue to Be an After Thought?

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    For some reason the WWE feels that it is necessary to push Dolph Ziggler very far to then bring him back just as far. 

    Do not expect Ziggler to come out the victor from the Elimination Chamber because of the anticipated feud of Jericho and Punk, but expect Ziggler to put on a show and stick out during the match.

    Ziggler is likely one WrestleMania away from reaching main event status, but this year he will likely be in the rumored Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania along with the Miz and R-Truth. 

    Your time is coming soon Dolph, very soon. 

6. How Will Chris Jericho and CM Punk Add to Their Ongoing Feud?

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    Chris Jericho and CM Punk are the two best wrestlers in the company and it is not even close—what is up for debate is who is the "best in the world". 

    This feud will likely culminate at WrestleMania, but more seeds need to be planted in order for this feud to grow. Expect for there to be more seeds planted at the Elimination Chamber in some fashion.

    Also, expect for Punk or Jericho to come out of the Chamber as the champion and for a match to occur at WrestleMania 28 for the WWE Championship. How else can two people end a debate on who is the best in the world without it being on the biggest stage and for the top championship honors? 

5. Will Triple H Succumb to the Undertaker's Demands?

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    Let's be honest, the match between Triple H and the Undertaker at WrestleMania 28 is inevitable. The only thing that is up for debate is what the stipulation will be and when Triple H will finally accept. 

    Will Triple H finally accept the Undertaker's challenge at the Elimination Chamber PPV or will Triple H keep denying Undertaker of his challenge?

    A scenario that I'm sure the WWE Universe would enjoy is a scenario that has Undertaker dismantle a select group of unsuspected superstars and tell Triple H that he will keep "damaging his workers" until Triple H finally accepts. 

    There is a high possibility that this storyline will continue during the Elimination Chamber and you should fully expect there to be another promo or some sort of involvement from the Undertaker and Triple H.

4. How Will Eve Torres Be Involved in the Kane vs. Cena Matchup?

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    Eve Torres has been a big part of the feud between John Cena and Kane. It would be a mistake to even think that Torres will not be involved in this matchup, but how will she be involved?

    Will Torres help Cena beat Kane when Cena is down and out? 

    Will Torres help Kane because of how Cena has not been helping out the love of her life Zack Ryder? 

    Will Torres accidentally get Cena in trouble which will lead to his inevitable loss? 

    The scenario is not for sure but what is for sure is that Eve will be a huge part of how this feud comes to an end. 

3. Will Zack Ryder Turn Heel?

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    Are you serious bro? Zack Ryder heel bro? It is very possible that Zack Ryder gets involved in the match between Kane and Cena and help Kane defeat Cena. 

    Ryder may join Kane out of fear because he is sick of constantly being harassed by Kane every time he is backstage or by the ring. Ryder could also hurt Cena himself without the help of Kane because of how Cena kissed Eve on Raw last Monday. 

    Ryder will somehow be involved in the match as well, but he may embrace the hate himself and take away Cena's chances of defeating Kane. 

2. Will John Cena Finally Embrace the Hate and Turn Heel?

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    Love it or hate him, John Cena is the one person every wrestling fan thinks about prior to any PPV's or programming.

    It is safe to believe that all of the WWE Universe has these list of questions on their mind about Cena on Sunday: Will John Cena finally succumb to all the hate from the fans? Will Cena realize that the only way he can defeat Kane is through hatred and anger? Will Cena also realize that the only way he can beat the Rock is if he embraces his anger and use it all towards the Rock? Will Cena finally do what the IWC has been waiting for him to do and turn heel?

    Will Cena do what's right and turn heel, or will he walk into WrestleMania 28 to a loud chorus of boo's that the wrestling fans in Chicago would not be able to match?

1. Will Anything Be Added to the Rock and John Cena Feud?

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    With WrestleMania 28 only 44 days away it seems like the Rock and John Cena feud has absolutely lost it's steam. It is tantamount that the Elimination Chamber add to the fire between the Rock and John Cena. 

    Whether it is a heel turn from Cena or a run in from the Rock, there needs to be something done to give this feud legs again, especially with the all the excitement from a possible Jericho vs. Punk match which will undoubtedly be a better match regardless of what the WWE does or promotes. 

    The promo's of the Rock going to movie debut's and Cena's promo's discussing hate and bullying are not ideal. The WWE needs to step it up and make sure this match is as relevant as it was ten months ago or else they might piss off a whole lot of people in the WWE Universe. 


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