WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: My 'Classic' Predictions

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIFebruary 18, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: My 'Classic' Predictions

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    Elimination Chamber is a mere 30 hours away. Now is the time for fans of all ages to scour the Internet in search of articles that best support why their favorite wrestler is going to win the Elimination Chamber match.

    Unlike the Royal Rumble, I feel like there may be a surprise or two in store for us tonight. I would like to examine each match and give you my official predictions. Better yet, I am giving my “Classic” predictions.

    Although I believe the WWE will throw in another match, I am only going to examine the matches that have been officially announced.

    Shall we take a look?

Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina Snuka

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    Beth Phoenix will take on Tamina Snuka with the Diva’s Championship up for grabs.

    I will start by expressing that I am happy enough to see someone other than Kelly Kelly or Eve going for the title; however, Tamina Snuka does very little for me. I do not want to be hypocritical because the WWE seems to be trying to do something different, but Snuka is not the answer.

    Tamina Snuka is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer, Jimmy Snuka. I have always had a problem with the children of great wrestlers coming in and only being able to copy their famous family member’s gimmick or moves.

    Tamina seems to be no different since she does the “Superfly Splash” off the top rope as if that is something impressive anymore.

    Beth Phoenix is really beginning to shine as a heel and I would hate to see the WWE derail her progress by giving the title to someone who clearly does not deserve that spot in the company just yet. I understand that Beth has held the title for a while, but there is no reason to take it off of her.

    Change for change’s sake is not what the Divas division needs right now. Any changes that are made need to be for the betterment of the division, not just a simple guessing game. Throwing the title on Tamina Snuka will not make anyone respect the divas any more than they do today.

    The match will only last a few minutes and Beth Phoenix will come out on top. My only hope is that Kharma comes down to show that she is back for good. In a division that is using fart jokes, we need solid competitors fast! Kharma will help the division take a step in the right direction.

    Winner:  Beth Phoenix

    Loser:  Tamina Snuka

John Cena vs. Kane

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    At the Royal Rumble, the match between John Cena and Kane ended without a real winner. In fact this rivalry just seems like filler until the Rock can come into the picture and feud with Cena.

    So what does that mean for this “Ambulance Match?”

    There is no way John Cena is turning heel or losing this match. The WWE did not have to have a winner at the Royal Rumble because it was just a way to spread this feud out further so John Cena had something to do until WrestleMania.

    However, tonight there MUST be a winner and it will be John Cena.

    Logically, it does not make sense for Cena to lose even more momentum prior to his match with the Rock. This feud has never had a “wow factor” and I think most intelligent fans knew all along that this was just a way to put Cena on TV still.

    I know everything involving Eve and Zack Ryder points to a John Cena heel turn, but I just do not see it. There have been better opportunities for Cena to go heel than this and he never has.

    Look for a match full of violence and hard-hitting shots from the start. This will be a long, drawn out battle that will take course all over the arena. You will not find a technical move in the entire match.

    After a grueling battle, Cena will look as if he is ready to turn heel but will shake it off, defeat Kane and predictably “Rise Above Hate.”

    Winner:  John Cena

    Losers: Kane, the fans and the WWE Creative team

    Double Loser: Zack Ryder if he makes another appearance. Kane will probably toss him off a bridge or something.

Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Santino vs. Khali vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett

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    I will begin this slide by expressing my complete dissatisfaction with the competitors in this match. I understand Randy Orton and Mark Henry are injured, so we have to give them a pass.

    I also understand that the WWE had to make adjustments, but Santino Marella and the Great Khali are just terrible substitutions.

    Jinder Mahal, Justin Gabriel or Ezekiel Jackson would have made better choices in my view, especially over Santino. The Elimination Chamber should not be a match where a silly character gets one of the six slots. It is not like the Royal Rumble where there are 30 men to choose from.

    Realistically, I can only see Daniel Bryan or Wade Barrett walking away with the World Heavyweight Championship.

    As much as I like Cody Rhodes, I could not imagine him holding both the World and Intercontinental titles at the same time. Santino and Khali do not have a chance and the Big Show’s time is clearly over.

    I believe that this pay-per-view will not end with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan BOTH coming out with their belts again. One of them, if not both, will lose.

    The match will start with Daniel Bryan and the Big Show. I imagine that Bryan will simply berate Big Show and do his best to stay away from him. The first person to come out of the chamber will be Cody Rhodes, where he and Bryan will double team the Big Show for a while.

    The next entrant will be the Great Khali where he helps out Big Show, only to then challenge the big man himself. Show and Khali will have a test of strength while Bryan and Rhodes recover in opposite corners.

    Wade Barrett will then come in and it is at this point where I believe he will eliminate the Great Khali with some assistance by the Big Show. Once Khali is eliminated, Bryan, Barrett and Rhodes will all triple-team the Big Show.

    Santino Marella will then emerge from the final chamber and fight Cody Rhodes while Barrett and Bryan continue to double team Big Show.  Rhodes will then make easy work of Santino and eliminate him after a Cross Rhodes.  He will then go after Daniel Bryan while the Big Show makes a comeback and beats on Barrett.

    With only four men left, Daniel Bryan will then eliminate Cody Rhodes so only he, Big Show and Wade Barrett remain.  Barrett will get knocked out and Daniel Bryan will face off against the Big Show.

    I see Show choke slamming Daniel Bryan and eliminating him. Just as the Big Show gloats over Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett will emerge, roll up Big Show and claim victory.

    Barrett will then go on to feud with Sheamus until they battle it out at WrestleMania.

    Winner:  Wade Barrett

    Losers:  Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Santino, Khali and Cody Rhodes

CM Punk vs. Jericho vs. Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

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    Perhaps the most unpredictable match of the night is the Raw Elimination Chamber match. The obvious favorites to win are CM Punk and Chris Jericho.

    I think most fans are leaning towards Jericho winning, and the only way I can get behind this theory is if Jericho winning is only a way to set up a rematch for CM Punk and Chris Jericho at WrestleMania.

    Remember, if anyone other than CM Punk wins the match then you know Punk is going to cash in his rematch clause. That does not necessarily mean it has to be at WrestleMania, but I think it would be a given at this point.

    Jericho was pulled from winning the Royal Rumble because it came across as far too predictable. Could that happen again at Elimination Chamber?

    I have not read many articles making a case for anyone other than Jericho or Punk and for good reason. However I have a theory that the WWE should insert a third person into this feud to give it more unpredictability.

    One of my favorite times in the WWE was in early 1997 when Bret Hart, the Undertaker, Psycho Sid and Steve Austin were all fighting one another for the title. Rivalries were thrown together and you did not really know who was going to come out on top. I think the WWE needs more than two legitimate contenders for the WWE Championship right now.

    The match will start with the Miz and R-Truth. Nothing special will happen between them, just a routine back and forth battle.  They will fight until Dolph Ziggler enters the match and helps the Miz dominate R-Truth.

    The next competitor to enter the match will be Kofi Kingston and he will help balance out the heels and faces of the match. Look for Kingston to perform some great spots during the entire match. Kingston will take on Ziggler and R-Truth will go back to the Miz.

    CM Punk will be the next wrestler to get into the match and will promptly eliminate the Miz in a show of power.  After that, Ziggler will do his best to rough up CM Punk while Kingston and R-Truth duke it out.

    The final participant will be Chris Jericho, who will immediately target CM Punk. At this time, I predict Kingston will eliminate Truth and the match will be down to four men. Ziggler is then going to work on Kingston while Jericho and Punk battle for supremacy.

    At some point, Jericho will blindside Ziggler and eliminate Kingston himself. The match will come down to Ziggler, Jericho and Punk. For the next few minutes, it will be a highly entertaining match with many close calls. 

    I believe Jericho is going to eliminate CM Punk only to have Dolph Ziggler hit the Zig-Zag and defeat Chris Jericho to win the WWE Championship in a stunning upset. This will lead to a three-way battle at WrestleMania.

    Winner:  Dolph Ziggler

    Losers:  CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and the Miz

    Now I want to hear your predictions. Please list them below and share your thoughts. Also remember to follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac.

    Keep it classic, everyone!