Philadelphia Eagles Should Extend Offer to Randy Moss

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2012

Randy Moss should be an Eagle
Randy Moss should be an EagleJamie Squire/Getty Images

If Randy Moss wants to get back into the NFL, the Eagles should be the team that brings him back in.  Last season it was rumored the Eagles were interested in Moss, but he had already retired. This season, Moss has made claims of wanting to get back in the league, and the Eagles would make a lot of sense as a team that he would want to play on.

For one, the Eagles have a lot of talent and Moss would think he has a chance to be on a winning team, which I am sure would appeal to him. Also, Michael Vick typically throws a pretty good deep ball, which is one of Moss's specialities. With Moss, the Eagles could send DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Moss on to the field together, which would be a brutal combination for teams to defend.

Some people may ask, what does Moss have left? The truth is it really doesn't matter. Moss's career achievements and name recognition will demand respect. Teams will pay attention to him regardless. 

Also, if you bring him in for a low amount of money and he is really done, then you could cut him. If the Eagles bring him to camp and he can't beat out Jason Avant for the third wide receiver spot, then they could always cut him and go back to Avant.

The Eagles do have more pressing needs, but Moss at this point will not demand a big contract. If he wants back in the league, offer him an incentive-laden deal for a couple million dollars. If he does well, it will still be a bargain. If he does not do well, then the Eagles will not owe him much.

Moss in Eagles green sounds great in 2012.