WWE Rumors: Is Bourne on His Way Out? What Should Happen with Kofi Kingston?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured Columnist IVDecember 7, 2014

Evan Bourne is currently serving a 60-day suspension for violating WWE's wellness policy. This is Bourne's second suspension, with the first happening shortly before the second in late 2011.

The first suspension did not seem to derail his push with Kofi Kingston as not only were the two not forced to drop the titles prior to the suspension, but they kept them for some time after he returned.

Once news broke of the second suspension, the duo dropped the belts to Epico and Primo and Bourne was removed from TV without so much as a whisper.

Since the beginning of Bourne's second suspension, there have been signs which may seem to indicate that he will not be with the company much longer.

He has been removed from the Raw opening intro, which used to prominently feature Bourne performing his signature shooting-star splash for over two years.

Now it appears that WWEShop.com has taken to discounting Bourne's one and only shirt 68 percent down to $7.99. On top of that, the adult of version of the Air Boom shirt is discounted 40 percent to $14.99.

All of this does not add up to a positive outlook for Bourne.

All hope is not lost, though, as he is not the first person to be hit with two suspensions from the wellness program—some have even gone on to find great success.

Jeff Hardy is someone who was subject to two different suspensions by WWE and he went on to become the WWE and World Champion before leaving the company.

Randy Orton is another who is a two-striker who has become a face of the company, although Bourne's popularity level is nowhere near what Hardy or Orton had going into the suspensions.

Bourne is a mid-card wrestler whose career has been plagued with injuries, stalled pushes and now two wellness violations.

For someone with as much value as Bourne has, I have always felt WWE was holding him back, but now it looks like they may have dodged a bullet by not investing a lot of time and money into him.

While nothing is written in stone, the signs sure seem to be pointing to Bourne's eventual departure, the terms of which are the part that is unclear.

WWE could choose to release him at some point, and considering there is usually a spring cleaning after WrestleMania, that may just happen.

Two other possibilities are Bourne serving out the rest of his contract in jobber hell or asking for his release if he is not treated properly upon his return.

I do not wish to see Bourne gone from WWE—I have always enjoyed the different style he brought to WWE, but his string of bad luck over his entire run seems to be too strong to ignore.

The real victim in this whole situation, at least in my opinion, is Kofi Kingston. Evan and Kofi were in the midst of being pushed as the stars of a tag team division fans were hoping would be rebuilt by some of the young teams.

Epico and Primo were starting to make headway and The Usos have been getting some more exposure as well. There were some definite bright spots in what is normally the dimmest division in the company.

By Bourne being suspended twice, it effectively stalled a push for Kingston in the division and he was basically tossed into the Chamber match to round out the participants and give him something to do until creative has a new plan for him.

I really don't see a problem with Kofi getting a new partner and going back into the tag team division. He is a good wrestler who is just not quite there in terms of star power, so having him headline the tag team division with someone else is a good use for him.

WWE has several talents who could match up with Kofi nicely in the ring, but putting two people together simply for the sake of making a team usually doesn't work unless there is real chemistry with the two, like Batista and Mysterio had.

I hope Bourne finds some kind of success down the line, whether it be with WWE or elsewhere. I also hope Kofi is given some kind of push soon as he has been under the radar in WWE for far too long.