What Can the WWE Do to Improve Its Content?

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What Can the WWE Do to Improve Its Content?

I've been a fan of the WWE since about the age of seven or eight. I grew up in possibly the best years of sports entertainment—the Monday Night Wars and the Attitude Era. When I turn on my TV on Monday and Friday nights now, though, it makes me almost regret what I grew up watching when I see what storylines the WWE has incorporated and what they're doing to characters now.

It's gotten to the point where I can almost predict the program's end at the opening dialogue. The misplacement of the companies talent and roles they're playing make me almost sick to my stomach.

I never thought I'd see the day where I preferred to watch TNA, but as a whole, since the WWE has embraced this "PG" rating of their programming, it's become less wrestling and more of a nighttime edition of Days of Our Lives.

But there are things (outside of firing John Laurinaitis), that the WWE could do to bring their wrestling content back up to par. After all, it's what the company—and the sport for that matter—was founded on.

And no, the answer doesn't lie in cheesy rebirth of Attitude Era stars for a quick nostalgic pop.


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