Best Sports Hottie from Each State

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIFebruary 17, 2012

Best Sports Hottie from Each State

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    Red, white and bodacious... star-spangled beauty at its best.

    With one sexy star from each state, the United States features quite the array of sports hotties ready to represent their hometown, hoping to infuse their chauvinistic ways into fans' minds.

    50 sexy representations, 50 reasons to stay focused, America has never been steamier.

    Let's check out the best sports hotties from each state.

    Please remove your hats.

Connecticut: Molly Qerim

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    This sexy sports anchor has quietly climbed the charts of sports beauty in recent years, especially following stunning appearances at the Super Bowl

    The Connecticut native has mastered the art of pleasing the crowd.

Vermont: Hannah Teter

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    From the tranquil snow-covered village of Belmont to the illustrious Winter Olympic halfpipes, Hannah Teter has traveled a mountainous journey on her way to prosperity.

    Her appearance in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was just icing on the cold cake.

Louisiana: Lacey Minchew

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    Some know her as Miss Louisiana USA 2009, others as the sexy girlfriend of backup quarterback Matt Flynn.

    We prefer to look at the future. And if she sticks around the WAG world any longer, we expect to see plenty of photo shoots leaking around the web.

Alaska: Holly Madison

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    She may have been born in Oregon, but Holly Madison lived in Alaska from age two to 11, so we'll classify her a snow dweller. 

    Part of the Playboy entourage during most of her time in the spotlight, Madison had one run-in with the sports world, dating blonde-hair-don't-care man Josh Koscheck.

    The MMA extraordinaire couldn't have been as exciting as Hugh Hefner.

Arkansas: A True Razor Back

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    This super fan has continued to climb towards the upper echelon of the sports world for awhile now.

    The proper handling of a football and beautiful loyalty has helped build the perfect diehard.

    Arkansas should be proud.

Delaware: Jennifer Leigh

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    Sure she's appeared in FHM and Playboy, but it's Jennifer Leigh's sexy poker face that has the media's panties up in a bunch.

    We didn't quite expect this type of seduction out of Wilmington, Delaware.

Arizona: The Entire State

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    While the state itself is quite magnificent, we are specifically discussing its inhabitants.

    They're all yearning for that chance to shine.

Georgia: Ashley Harkleroad

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    Having only reached a career-high ranking of No. 39, it's curious as to why Rossville tennis beauty Ashley Harkleroad gets so much attention.

    Oh yeah, that's right, she is the only WTA player ever to pose for Playboy.

    And for that we thank her.

Idaho: Torrie Wilson

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    Born in Boise, Idaho, wrestling superstar Torrie Wilson has never shied from the spotlight since entering the sports world.

    Having graced the covers of FHM and Playboy, representing her beloved hometown state is just a calm walk in the park for Alex Rodriguez's other half.

Indiana: Vivica A. Fox

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    After getting a taste of athletics in Juwanna Mann, Vivica A. Fox was seemingly inspired.

    Considering she now seems to be putting the finishing touches on sports indie film Home Run, it's safe to say Fox is officially part of the athletic realm.

    Her role as a sports agent is sure to be sexy, if also numbingly boring.

Kentucky: Ashley Judd

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    Not only does this Kentucky native enthusiastically wear her blue-and-white loyalty on her sleeve, but Ashley Judd even married an athlete to further cement her name in the sports world.

    The wife of driver Dario Franchitti and an established actress, Judd is often seen screaming her head off at Wildcats games.

Iowa: Lolo Jones

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    While we're still convinced that she is the long-lost twin of actress Rashida Jones, Lolo Jones seems fine on her own.

    Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Jones now rests as the American record holder in the 60-meter hurdles with a time of 7.72.

    Quite impressive considering Jones attended eight schools in eight years during her childhood.

Alabama: Mia Hamm

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    There's always something sexy about a woman with ball skills.

    The youngest player ever to join the national soccer team, Mia Hamm built a legacy that few will ever match.

    Born in Selma, Alabama, Hamm's name being uttered continues to simultaneously make us hungry and ready for baseball.

    Nomar Garciaparra is still lurking in his wife's shadows somewhere.

North Carolina: Win McMurry

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    It's hard to avoid the spotlight with beauty like this, but golf personality Win McMurry has somehow stayed low-key for most of her career.

    Perhaps it was her upbringing in Wilmington, N.C. that left her bereft of media attention.

    McMurry seems ready to make up for lost time.

Minnesota: Lindsey Vonn

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    Sure she's the first American female ever to win three consecutive overall World Cup and downhill championships (2008-2010), but that's not what separates alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn from the rest of her competition.

    Her hilarious, yet somehow engaging interviews are most thrilling.

Wyoming: Kathleen Warner

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    Boy do we love redheads.

    As arguably the sexiest ginger cheerleader in the world, former Wyoming phenom Kathleen Warner can't possibly fight the spotlight.

    And her spirit was never questioned.


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Massachusetts: Alicia Sacramone

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    Every star athlete needs a mediocre sidekick, and star artistic gymnast Alicia Sacramone surely has that in bench-warming quarterback Brady Quinn.

    This sexy Olympian seems quite proud of her Boston upbringing.

Michigan: Kate Upton

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    Perhaps the biggest visual sensation in sports right now, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl Kate Upton seems headed for the promised land.

    The St. Joseph native has no qualms about dominating her viewers.

    No wonder Mark Sanchez is game.

South Carolina: The Real Gamer

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    Any fan willing to confidently wear this shirt deserves at least a pat on the back, or perhaps a front-row seat.

    True loyalty.

Missouri: Candace Parker

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    Arguably the most famous, and easily the sexiest, WNBA player in the world, Candace Parker has no choice but to engage eager fans.

    We love a girl who can ball with the best of them.

Montana: The Campus Legend

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    The first angry cheerleader we've seen in recent time, she gives off a somewhat hard-to-get aura that intrigues us.

    We'd love to learn more about the mysterious hottie on the Montana sidelines.

Nebraska: Gabrielle Union

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    It's only fitting that a background of Playboy bunnies stares the camera down, begging Gabrielle Union to approach the one photo shoot that can seal the deal on an illustrious career.

    Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, the sexy actress married running back Chris Howard, got divorced, allegedly broke up Dwyane Wade's marriage and is now a WAG once again.

    She's certainly got the eye of the tiger, just hunting for her next meal.

Maine: Erin Andrews

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    The woman, the legend.

    Known as perhaps the most famous sexy reporter of this era, Erin Andrews seemingly started a movement that has only picked up speed.

    Born in Lewiston, Maine, Andrews isn't close to slowing down.

New Hampshire: Mandy Moore

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    Ok, so she may not be a true sports hottie, but Nashua-born actress Mandy Moore had one walk to remember that deserves recognition...

    ... with perhaps the whiniest athlete in sports.

    From this sexy singer to modeling superstar Brooklyn Decker, it's still curious as to why Andy Roddick is so angry all the time.

New Mexico: Minka Kelly

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    Yet another actress born in California, Minka Kelly eventually settled in to Albuquerque, New Mexico during her pre-teen years.

    With just quiet streets, flushed sand and amazing ski slopes to keep them busy, it's safe to say neighboring boys had never seen such beauty before.

North Dakota: Amber Rose (somehow)

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    We're going deep into the roots with this one, so hang on tight.

    The former girlfriend of Amare Stoudamire, Amber Rose is now known for her relationship with lyrical master Wiz Khalifa.

    Oh yes, the man once known as Cameron Jibril Thomaz was in fact born in Minot, North Dakota.

    We'd like to believe Thomaz brought his sexy new girlfriend back home to see where it all started.

    That's about as close as we come to finding a sports hottie in chilly No-Dak.

West Virginia: The Mountaineer

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    Now that's intimidation.

    The Mountaineer never fails to scare off visiting opponents.

    His furry, sweat-covered attire perfectly matches his Paul Bunyan-like repertoire.

Oklahoma: Carrie Underwood

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    A two-time ACM Entertainer of the Year and the wife of NHLer Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood naturally engages viewers with just a quiet, exhilarating smile.

    The former American Idol winner continues to dominate both the country music business and the eager sports domain.

New York: Ashley Massaro

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    From Babylon, New York to the wrestling ring, Ashley Massaro hasn't left our sight since the first time she graced our television sets.

    Her appearance on Survivor: China had the entire world taking notice.

Mississippi: Stephanie Something

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    And no her last name is not Something.

    Like Cher or Madonna, this sensational cheerleader doesn't need a last name.

    We've already lost focus midway through her first.

Rhode Island: Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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    While she certainly displayed her athletic ability as a contestant on Survivor: The Australian Outback in 2001, it's Elisabeth Hasselbeck's NFL marriage that has her pictures flooding the Internet.

    The beautiful wife of former backup and current ESPN chatterbox Tim Hasselbeck never shies from a sexy, or sometimes controversial appearance.

    Especially when it comes to dress codes.

South Dakota: January Jones

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    Ok so maybe she's not quite a sports hottie, but with a memorably breathtaking role in Anger Management, January Jones has certainly experienced enough of the athletic realm.

    We only remember her watching the Yankee Stadium proposal at the end because she thought Rudy Giuliani was Regis Philbin.

    Right on, a true fan.

Illinois: Maria Kanellis

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    Coming out of the quiet city of Ottawa, Illinois, wrestling beauty Maria Kanellis must've felt like she had something to prove.

    Her photo shoots are aggressively breathtaking to say the least.

Tennessee: Abby McGrew

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    The beloved, yet quiet wife of Eli Manning, what a position for any girl.

    Abby Manning may be from Nashville, but she's loving the Big Apple life right about now.

Ohio: Brooklyn Decker

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    Like an awe-inspiring skyscraper, Brooklyn Decker towers over her competition.

    The wife of tennis star Andy Roddick and a prolific swimsuit model, Decker is perhaps the most illustrious Ohio native not named LeBron James.

Texas: Gina Carano

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    Like they say, everything's bigger in Texas.

    The former No. 3-ranked 145-pound female fighter, Gina Carano grew up watching her quarterback father warm the bench for the Dallas Cowboys and undoubtedly knew she wanted to create her own legacy.

    She's far eclipsed that dream.

Wisconsin: Danica Patrick

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    While her helmet-covered day job doesn't quite offer the most exposure, Danica Patrick's work away from the track has upped her reputation.

    A woman and her car, never has driving been this sexy.

Colorado: Michelle Waterson

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    Rarely do we see such exotic domination from a Colorado girl, but MMA beauty Michelle Waterson is clearly setting a trend.

    Sure she's a Black Belt in American Free Style Karate, but that isn't what earned Waterson the moniker "The Karate Hottie."

    Well, yes it is.

Utah: Christina Teigen

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    After her rookie debut in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Christine Teigen began to garner significant approval from everyone with eyes.

    The Delta, Utah girl's exotic nature compliments boyfriend John Legend's artistic demeanor quite nicely.

Florida: Jenn Brown

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    Once an innocent softballer at Florida University, ESPN reporter Jenn Brown continues to amaze the sports world with her erotic photo shoots and sexy trips around football sidelines.

    The Gainesville spark plug always has us intrigued.

Virginia: Leeann Tweeden

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    First place in the Venus International Model Search led to beautiful opportunities for Manassas-born model Leeann Tweeden.

    Now that she's covering the Angels for Fox Sports West, us fans can confidently tweet about Tweeden's impact on the sports world, from being a correspondent for Best Damn Sports Show Period to posing for FHM and Playboy.

Oregon: Amanda Pflugrad

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    She may have been born in Washington, but former cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad made her mark in the state of Oregon as the Ducks' loyal sideline beauty.

    Her beautiful enthusiasm never gets old.

Washington: Miesha Tate

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    She may be the current Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion and the current Freestyle Cage Fighting Women's Bantamweight Champion, but there was a time when MMA star Miesha Tate was an innocent youth in the state of Washington yearning for a chance to shine.

    Arguably the best pound-for-pound female fighter in the world, Tate hasn't looked back since wrestling on the boy's team in high school.

    We'd love a shot in the ring with her.

Pennsylvania: Kristi Leskinen

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    She may have been the first woman ever to pull a rodeo 720, but it's Kristi Leskinen's background that has us pondering.

    We'd love to eat a historically sloppy Philly Cheese Steak with the Uniontown native.

Maryland: Stacy Keibler

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    With some of the longest legs in sports and a stunning presence on camera, wrestling beauty Stacy Keibler continues to dent her name just a bit deeper into the pavement of sports lore.

    The Baltimore-grown star seems determined to continue enhancing her repertoire.

New Jersey: Shana Hiatt

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    There's no woman we'd rather have running the poker tables than Shana Hiatt, but unfortunately she's only a presenter.

    After hosting the first three seasons of World Poker Tour, the Tabernacle Township native stuck in our minds and had us wanting more.

    Her breathtaking photo album will have to suffice.

Kansas: Olivia Wilde

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    Oh you can bet she's a diehard sports fan.

California: Alex Morgan

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    Once known as the youngest player on the 2011 national soccer team, Alex Morgan is beginning to blossom into the star we envisioned.

    All it took was one risky (and risque) photo shoot for the Diamond Bar, California native.

Hawaii: Alana Blanchard

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    Perhaps the sexiest surfer on the planet, blonde phenom Alana Blanchard continues to garner attention for her work on the waves and her natural ability on camera.

    The Kauai, Hawaii native seems destined for greatness.

Nevada: Arianny Celeste

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    While it's possible to say Arianny Celeste is the hottest woman in sports, we beg to differ.

    We'd like to believe the prestigious Las Vegas-groomed Octagon girl is the sexiest woman on the entire planet.

    Knuckles were cracked and molds broken during her creation.