WrestleMania 29: Potential Opponents for the Rock

John NizinskiAnalyst IIIFebruary 17, 2012

WrestleMania 29: Potential Opponents for the Rock

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    The Rock has returned to embracing his wrestling roots lately. He was the host of WrestleMania 27 and stole the show. He is headlining WrestleMania 28 in a match against John Cena.

    It was recently announced that WrestleMania 29 would be held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. At the announcement the Rock confirmed that he will be involved with WresleMania 29, however his role in it is still unknown.

    It is possible that he will wrestle in back to back WrestleMania's and here is a look at some opponents that he could face if he does.

John Cena

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    Figured to get the obvious one out of the way. His WrestleMania 28 opponent, John Cena, could very easily be his WrestleMania 29 opponent. This feud has been going on for too long to end with one big match.

    This could turn into a best of three type of situation.

    Some scenarios where this match would work would be if the feud does not end at WrestleMania 28, John Cena turns heel at WrestleMania 28, their match ends without a clear winner, and if the match gets strong ratings and delivers excitement a rematch would be smart.

Triple H

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    Another WWE legend that the Rock has had a significant rivalry with is Triple H. The Rock and Triple H started their rivalry in 1998 as they feuded for the Intercontinental Championship. They put on one of the greatest ladder matches in WWE history, as well as one of the greatest years in the company's history.

    That year was 2000, which featured the Rock winning the Royal Rumble as well as Triple H and him being in a fatal four way match at WrestleMania for the WWF Championship. 

    These two can still put on a quality match. Triple H's new corporate role could also play into the angle of the potential feud between Triple H and the Rock.

CM Punk

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    The Rock could try and take on another top superstar, CM Punk. Punk has included the Rock in some of his pipe bomb discussions and a feud between them could emerge. The battles on the microphone could be as intriguing as the battle inside the ring.

    Cm Punk is a better technical wrestler than John Cena, so his match with the Rock could potentially be better than the one between Cena and Rock at WrestleMania 28.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    Two of the most popular and greatest WWE wrestlers of all time, also had one of the greatest feuds of all time. The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin have had three matches at WrestleMania including Steve Austins last match at WrestleMania 19. 

    Stone Cold Steve Austin, who has won two out of those three matches, has stated that he has some interest in wrestling in another match. Both the Rock and Austin are still physically capable of putting on a quality match. There is not one true WWE fan that wouldn't want to see another match between these two.