WWE Elimination Chamber: Finally, a Real Divas Championship Match!

Agent GreenCorrespondent IIFebruary 16, 2012

“Here comes a new challenger!”

That was the message the patrons of video game arcades would hear whenever someone popped a quarter into the cabinet for Street Fighter II. And like a kid anticipating his shot at the guy who won six matches in a row, I am looking forward to seeing the Divas Title match between new challenger Tamina Snuka and reigning Divas Champion Beth Phoenix.

Beth has held the Divas Title since the 2011 Hell in a Cell pay-per-view when she defeated Kelly Kelly for the belt. 

It wasn’t long before her victory when she and her partner Natalya declared war on the “perky bimbos” of the WWE.  Since then, Beth has taken out all challengers, including Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres and Alicia Fox.

As of late, The Glamazon is holding to the statement that she is “bored” due to having no competition in the WWE.

Meanwhile, Tamina has been on a hot streak as well, with her own victories over A.J. and Kaitlyn. In December, she turned face, and again gained several wins, including a victory over Brie Bella and multiple wins over Natalya.

Another interesting point is that she now billed as “Tamina Snuka,” a reference to her real-life father, WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. If you ask me, Tamina is more than ready for her chance to shine in a Divas Championship match.

Phoenix and Snuka had their first moment of tension during the February 10th episode of SmackDown. After Tamina saved Alicia Fox from what would have been a second Glam Slam, the two powerhouse Divas engaged in a staredown

Instead of exchanging blows, they traded smiles, a sign of mutual respect for one another. Beth Phoenix had a worthy challenger after all. On the February 13th episode of Raw, the match was made official.

What am I expecting to see at the Elimination Chamber from these two ladies? The answer is simple: a serious wrestling match from two of the most hard-hitting Divas of the past few years.

No stinkfaces, no lazy rope-running and no roll-up victories will be seen here. This is not going to be your typical, cookie-cutter Divas match that we have all been stuck with for a while.

While Tamina doesn’t quite have the experience Beth has, she is lightyears ahead of girls such as Kelly Kelly, Aksana and The Bella Twins.

I am truly optimistic that this match will help put an end to the days of going to the concession stand whenever a Diva’s music hits.

But to help that cause, the winner of this match needs to again face a nonconforming female wrestler, as opposed to facing, in the words of Jim Cornette, a “lingerie model.” Of course, I am talking about Kia Stevens, otherwise known as Kharma.

Until then, this match is a definite push in the right direction.