Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2012: Novelty Has Worn out on Body Paint

Eric BallFeatured ColumnistFebruary 16, 2012

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It used to be the coolest feature of the magazine, now it’s just another section worth nothing more than a quick glance.

The 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is out, and this year they are featuring athletes who are willing to bare it all by having their bodies painted to make it look like they are wearing a bathing suit. Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, golfer Natalie Gulbis and soccer player Alex Morgan all agreed to the body paint, and were subjected to a ridiculous amount of standing while the design was created. Gulbis told Jeff Ritter of that the process is more than just a few minutes:

It took about 13 hours to paint the suit on me. It’s an unbelievable process. It had a golf theme too, and, I mean, it’s art. We didn’t start shooting until 11 at night. When I was done, it all came off in one shower.

Cover girl Kate Upton and a handful of other models were participants, as well.

The designs are certainly extravagant, and it’s a novel concept, but enough with it already. Each lady gets just one or two pictures in the actually magazine showing off their outfit, or lack there is. Doesn’t it just seem like a complete waste of man-power for the results? 13 hours????

This gimmick was introduced years ago, and it used to be one of the highlights because of the intricate designs and more risqué looks. But at this point it’s lost its luster and edge. The magazine should take a look at other creative ways to entice their audience.

I’m well aware they don’t have to, as this year’s edition is as popular as ever, I’m just saying it’s time for something new. 

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