Fantasy Baseball: Let's Play Some High-Low

Jason Sarney Correspondent IFebruary 22, 2008

The last week or so, I must have completed dozens of mock fantasy baseball drafts.

I have seen plenty of trends, as you may expect, and plenty of curious fluctuations in certain players draft positions.

And we haven't even gotten to full-fledged spring training yet!

This isn't atypical in fantasy sports. Mock drafts in February are great market-value indicators for league drafts in March. We, at Green on the Other Side, have been inundated with emails from readers who both agree and disagree with our draft strategy and method of valuing players. Again, nothing atypical about this as well.

So, to further spark the debate on when players should and should not be selected, I wanted to put the power in the hands of our readers.

I like to call this little game "High/Low." The game is simple.

1.) I will post a player, and give them a draft round which is a ballpark estimate of where they are usually selected in recent mock drafts.

2.) You, the reader, will say in your own opinion if that round is too high, or too low.
2a.) Feel free to support your argument!

*Based on standard 5x5 roto-style 23 round mixed league drafts*

Lets start off with John Maine, New York Mets SP.

HIGH/LOW- Round 10