WWE News: Former Diva Chyna Stars in Wrestling-Themed Pornographic Film

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IFebruary 16, 2012

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Chyna was once a glorious woman and an idol for all feminists. In the WWE ring, she tangled with many men and even won the Intercontinental title belt at one point. She was dubbed the "Ninth Wonder of the World," and rightfully so; she had an unbelievable physique and a talent that some wrestlers can only dream about.

However, since her departure from the promotion, Chyna has been on a downward spiral. Many thought she had hit rock bottom upon the release of her infamous sex tape with Sean Waltman, also known as X-Pac. However, she kept tumbling down.

Assaulting Waltman a year later still didn't spell the end, nor did her troubles with substance abuse. Even after diving naked into a fish tank in a New York nightclub, she was still falling below the depths.

After her issues went public, Chyna seemed to have calmed down. She joined Impact Wrestling on a handshake deal and made a couple of appearances. Many had thought she had her life back on track, but her troubles were not over.

Following her time with TNA, Chyna signed a deal with adult movie company Vivid Entertainment and in turn became a pornographic actress. This was met with ridicule, but that didn't deter her as she starred in her first porn movie, Backdoor to Chyna, later that year.

It didn't stop there, either. A disastrous appearance at the Adult Video News Awards followed by hours of mindless ranting on Twitter came to light, with many demanding that Chyna seek help before her condition gets any worse. Calls for her to quit porn and quit drugs were snubbed, and she stated on her Twitter account that rehab was out of the question.

Credit: TMZ
Credit: TMZ

Today, entertainment outlet TMZ.com reported that Chyna, despite her poor condition, is set to star in her second porn film. The movie, likely to be named Queen of the Ring, has already been filmed, but a release date has not yet been announced.

The whole idea seems rather disturbing. She stars alongside nine men clad as famous wrestling stars. There's a Hulk Hogan imposter, a John Cena wannabe and, possibly the strangest of them all, a Triple H doppelgänger.

Chyna and Triple H were once a couple and even lived together at one point. However, after they split up, Triple H quickly found himself smitten by Stephanie McMahon. He then left Chyna fuming in the background. She was released from the roster and has since been very vocal about their failed relationship and Triple H in general. She has also badmouthed Stephanie on a few occasions and has come across as nothing more than jealous.

Alongside the article, TMZ posted a collection of images of the film (all of which are relatively safe for work). Unsurprisingly, it seems like it was made on a very low budget, with the costumes all appearing to be very cheap.

The WWE has no affiliation with the video and is unlikely to have been made aware of it by Vivid. Whether or not they will take legal action for the portrayal of their superstars, both former and current, is unknown. However, it's probable that they will just dismiss it altogether.


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