NBA All-Star Weekend: Jeremy Lin & 5 Players Who Will Light Up Shooting Stars

Joshua CarrollCorrespondent IIFebruary 16, 2012

NBA all-star weekend is right around the corner, but Linsanity is here and now. There is even more hype now for this mushed-up match up between some of the best young talents in the league coached by Shaq and Kenny. It should be a very fun game to watch and here are some of the players that will shine bright during the game.

Jeremy Lin

If you don't know who Jeremy Lin is by now then you must have been living under a rock for the past two weeks (Deron Williams). He has turned things around in New York and there will not be more hype surrounding any other player going into the all-star break, who woud've thought? However, first Shaq or Kenny have to be smart enough to draft Lin tonight, let's hope he's not passed up once again.

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is an all-star starter on Sunday. He will likely be the first draft pick by Shaq, but he should remember that Blake will likely not want to play as many minutes as the other guys, considering he has to play again the next day and will hopefully be participating in the dunk contest as well.

That being said, when he is out there on the court, give him the ball and watch him work as he continues to establish himself as one of the best big men we have in the game today.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving had many doubters when he was drafted by the Cavs with the No.1 pick after missing a lot of his freshman season at Duke. However, he has not disappointed thus far and is putting up some scary good numbers as a rookie. He is often times overshadowed by the flashy play of Ricky Rubio, and now, by Jeremy Lin, but he is a smooth player who knows how to control the flow of the game and is a great court general.

Whatever team he is on, look for them to control the pace of the game the best with the rock in Irving's hands.

Kemba Walker

This kind of game is made for Kemba Walker. When presented with the opportunity to break somebody down on the perimeter, Walker does not hesitate to hit them with the hesitation dribble. He has some nasty handles that he loves to display, and this game will not be any different.

This game is suited to his game so much that I would not be surprised to see him get MVP of this game. Yes, there are a lot of great point guards that will be playing in this game, but Walker is my pick for most valuable player.

Ricky Rubio 

As I said before, Kyrie Irving is often overshadowed by the flashy play of Ricky Rubio. I do not mean to take anything away from Rubio who has the Timberwolves playing some solid basketball. Already compared to Steve Nash by the likes of greats like Dwyane Wade, Rubio is a crafty player who loves to find the open man.

There is just no reason for him to finish this game with single digit assists. Watch out for crazy lobs, let's hope he gets paired with Blake Griffin.

Derrick Williams 

Derrick Williams is Rubio's teammate in Minnesota, but does not get the minutes he would otherwise get on another team playing behind Kevin Love at the four spot, and Michael Beasley at the three. But we cannot forget that Williams was one of the most league-ready and athletic players in last years draft class. He has already been on the end of some sick alley-oop passes from Rubio and I look for him to be finishing some nice passes from the talented guards in this game.