NBA Trade Rumors: Pau Gasol to the Wolves, Kaman to the Heat

Joshua CarrollCorrespondent IIFebruary 16, 2012

There's always new rumors in the NBA to keep up with, but that's why I'm here to keep you filled in.

As of late, Pau Gasol has been dominating on both ends of the floor playing alongside Andrew Bynum for the Lakers. 

However, this hasn't prevented even more trade talk coming his way. Most recently the Timberwolves have been said to be interested in the seven-foot Spaniard. They would likely offer rookie Derrick Williams and some draft picks.

Yes, the Lakers do need to get younger before it's too late, but is this the right way to go about it? Williams was a dominating force in college while attending the University of Arizona. He also posted some good numbers when starting at the 4 spot for Kevin Love's two-game suspension.

He wouldn't be a bad fit for the Lakers, but he is far from Pau Gasol, and who knows how he would coexist with Bynum down low.

But once again you've got to look at both sides of this trade. The incoming draft class is consumed with some solid guard play. It's no secret that Kobe Bryant wants to win now before his time is up. The addition of Williams would not make the Lakers contenders. Llet's be honest, the trade would make them a worse team. That is until the draft came around and LA would be able to draft some young talent for years to come, in particular for the post-Kobe era.

That's just something for Laker fans to think about when analyzing this trade.

There have also been reports of the Miami Heat being interested in acquiring Chris Kaman.

As of now the Heat start 6'9" Canadian center Joel Anthony. Although he has shown much improvement this season and is a very energetic player, there is no doubt that he is the weak spot in a very strong starting line-up.

Kaman has been an underrated center since his Clipper days. He is a smooth big man with the ability to finish around the basket and is also a solid rebounder. 

The Heat would not have to trade for Kaman, they would simply sign him, IF New Orleans does decide to buy him out.

Kaman has been playing some great basketball since his return to the team in Okafor's absence, but when Okafor does return it's likely right back to the bench for Kaman.

That being said, it is not too far fetched to say that New Orleans could buy out their big man, and if they do, look for the Heat to be first in line to sigh his next check.