Conference Realignments: The Almighty Dollar Triumphs Once Again

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Conference Realignments: The Almighty Dollar Triumphs Once Again
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Big East Commissioner John Marinatto

As the Mountain West Conference and C-USA agreed to form an uber-conference of mediocrity, the question has to be asked: When will all of these ridiculous conference realignments stop?

And the answer, unfortunately, is never.

As long as there are millions of dollars waiting to be made, schools—even those with rich histories—will constantly be on the move. Nebraska's in the Big 10, Memphis is in the Big East and Syracuse and Pitt will be part of the ACC. 

Now the MWC, a conference that was limited to the West Coast, will now have to travel across the country to cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma and Greenville, North Carolina (so much for limiting travel for student athletes), because some big wigs upstairs want to fatten their pockets.

Jim Boeheim was devastated when he found out that Syracuse, which has been part of the Big East since it was originally founded in 1979, was moving to the ACC.

What is the point of keeping rivalries if teams aren't going to play in the same conference?

Coming from a Las Vegas native, it's unfortunate to see UNLV lose rivals faster than Tiger Woods loses tournaments. BYU had been one of the Runnin' Rebels biggest rivals until the Cougars decided to do what was best for financial reasons and excommunicated themselves from the MWC. And lately, San Diego State has filled the void of BYU and had become an exciting nemesis for UNLV.

But with the Aztecs now headed for the Big East, rivalries are becoming that much harder to maintain.

What do you think about all of the conference realignments?

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I'd like to see the NFL split up the Cowboys and the Redskins, the Raiders and the Broncos or the Packers and the Bears. There is too much history there. 

Nebraska was in the Big 12 for over 100 years. Now they're gone.

Colorado and Utah now play in a conference called the Pacific—stressing the word Pacific-12.

Oh, and San Diego State is going to play in the Big East, along with Boise State and Memphis.
Yes, the Big East, even though the Aztecs play near the Mexican border.

Anybody who says these realignments aren't all about money is lying through their teeth. It's not surprising since we live in a world where the almighty dollar trumps tradition. 

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