UFC on Fuel Results: Memorable Moments from Omaha

Matt Saccaro@@mattsaccaroContributor IIIFebruary 16, 2012

UFC on Fuel Results: Memorable Moments from Omaha

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    The first UFC event on Fuel TV is over.

    Jake Ellenberger defeated Diego Sanchez and solidified his place in the top echelon of the division. 

    There were other happenings on the fight card that turned what seemed like a low-level, unimportant event on Fuel into something that was truly memorable. 

    What were the memorable moments from Omaha? Read on and find out!

Tim Means Batters Bernardo Magalhaes from Pillar to Post

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    The night started off with a fight between lightweights—which was more of a beat down than a fight. 

    Tim Means used his reach, takedown defense and refined striking to outpoint and bloody Bernando Magalhaes, who simply couldn't make Means fight a jiu-jitsu match rather than a kickboxing one. 

Jonathan Brookins Flattens Vagner Rocha

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    Accomplished Brazilian jiu-jitsu men Jonathan Brookins and Vagner Rocha met at UFC on Fuel, but it didn't take long for their match to end. 

    Shortly into the fight, Brookins nailed a grounded Rocha with a barrage of lethal ground-and-pound strikes that robbed the Brazilian of his consciousness.

    It was one of the better KOs via ground-and-pound in the past few events.

Ivan Menjivar and John Albert's Back and Forth Scramble

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    Ivan Menjivar and John Albert fought their hearts out.

    The fight was back and forth and had many twists and turns. But, in the end, it was Menjivar's hand that was raised due to a rear-naked choke submission.

    It was one of the best three-to-four-minute fights in recent memory.

T.J. Dillashaw's Domination of Walel Watson

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    T.J. Dillashaw's performance against Walel Watson was one of the most impressive on the card. 

    Dillashaw controlled Watson to such a degree that two judges scored the bout 30-25!

    Dillashaw showed that he was worth the hype; his top control, submission defense and stamina will present a problem for anyone at 135 pounds. 

The Brawl Between Stipe Miocic and Philip De Fries

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    The fight between heavyweights Stipe Miocic and Philip De Fries was a back and forth fistfight with both men just swinging as hard as possible. 

    It may not have been the most technical bout, but it sure was fun to watch.

    De Fries had Miocic's consciousness flagging, but Miocic ultimately came back to earn a thrilling KO victory.

Aaron Simpson's Near KO of Ronny Markes

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    Aaron Simpson vs. Ronny Markes was an entertaining fight, but it had the poor luck of following up Miocic-De Fries.

    The highlight of the fight was a Simpson uppercut that nearly decapitated Markes and almost ended the fight.

    However, Markes survived and ended up clinching a decision victory. 

Stefan Struve Ends the Dave Herman Hype

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    Dave Herman made the first round of his fight with Stefan Struve close. In fact, he had the Dutchman hurt and was out-kickboxing the kickboxer. 

    But the second round was all Struve. He began to pick apart Herman and eventually earned a TKO via incessant ground-and-pound.

The Fight of the Night: Jake Ellenberger vs. Diego Sanchez

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    Jake Ellenberger vs. Diego Sanchez was a fight that lived up to the hype. 

    Ellenberger smashed Sanchez throughout the first two rounds, but in the third, Sanchez wound up taking Ellenberger's back and nearly finishing him. 

    What added to the fight was the passion and intensity of Ellenberger's hometown Omaha crowd. The fans made the fight feel like it was an epic duel to determine the fate of MMA.